Saturday, April 04, 2009

On the blog again....

Wow, it's been ages. I haven't had a hi-speed connection in a long time and we've finally gotten that taken care of so I think I'll be a bit more regular here again.
Lots of stuff going on over here. We've been doing great through the school year and M'Kayla is almost finished with 1st grade. What?! It's insane to even think of her being 7 years old but hey, she is and she's the height of a 9 year old. VERY tall and just sweet as can be.
Ellie is just about to finish up her pre-school class and will move ahead to kindergarten in September........... What?! HOW did she grow so fast? AND she's already lost 4 teeth and is now, patiently, waiting for her '2 front teeth' to grow in. She's so cute!
I wish I had photos on this computer but as of yet I do not. I will upload some very soon and get a blog or 2 up about our recent trip to England, Scotland and Wales. We hope to return to the UK in September! I just LOVE it there. I've got some sort of a magnetic pull that draws me there.
Enjoy the day. We've got 'Seattle' type weather going on here in NJ... misty, fog and drizzle-rain.