Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Almost 2008!

Almost 2008....

As I gaze at the calendar I see we're just about wrapping up 2007 and entering the gates to 2008!
It amazes me that the older I get, the shorter a year seems! It feels like we just rang in 2007 yet here we are at the threshold of another year!

So... got resolutions?
Whatcha got on your list for '08?

I'm not a resolution kinda girl.... not my thing. I know that the moment I make 'em is the moment I'm gonna break 'em so I don't even 'go there'!!!
I'd love to know what your New Year's Resolutions are and if you've made any that you've actually KEPT in years past.......

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Witching Hour

Who has kids who, mysteriously, morph into beasts at a certain hour each day?
For us, the time begins at between 4:30pm and 5:00pm.
It begins with a little giggle that grows and grows!
Eventually the giggle is followed by a very loud,
The, "STOP IT!!" is then followed by an even LOUDER giggle as the little giggler continues to pester, poke and piss off her sister.
This is maddening.
The little giggler is bound and determined to cause turmoil, stress and aggrivation, interrupting the quietest of evenings and the calmness of the 5 year old.
With each, "STOP IT!!" comes even more naughtiness, and GIGGLES until it gets so bad that the little giggler winds up in time out, crying and losing a sticker for her behavior chart.
NEITHER child is innocent as I've seen the 5 year old, on occasion, provoke the little giggler.... but I often wonder if this is just a sibling thing (having no siblings anywhere CLOSE to my age, I am rather clueless to the dynamics of siblings) or if it's a stage that they'll eventually grow out of?
I have visions in my head of them, at age 22 and 24, sitting in a restaurant poking, kicking and provoking each other into a food fight.....*gasp*! And what about their weddings? Will they poke and prod, kick or pull each other's hair as each one is a brides maid for the other while they walk down the aisle??
I guess I won't REALLY know until many years from now........
According to "Life with Derek" (disney Channel) it appears that these antics will, indeed, continue at least through the high school years........
Lord Help Me............

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mini Shopping Carts for Kids!

(The following post was inspired by a post on Kerri's Blog)

Oh Cool! The mini-carts for all the mini-me shoppers! Just lemme say EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEgads! I have one of those 'mini-me' shoppers ( 3 year old) and lemme tell ya.... those carts are just a joy! NOT!
"Why?", you ask.

6 reasons come instantly to mind:

1. She can barely steer herself. Adding a cart to the mix brings the aisle end displays to the endangered species list.

2. Oh yes.. she wants to put the milk in HER cart. She grabs a gallon, not realizing that it weighs 1/2 as much as she does and DOWN she goes, milk and all..... Did you know that a gallon of milk makes a Tsunami wave about 4 feet high?

3. Oh my bruised achilles tendons!!! Ok.. yeah well the carts don't have brakes and wow... they sure smart when they ram, full force into your achilles tendon at 55MPH.......

4. If you are lucky to make it the check out before you are battered, bruised and completely embarassed. Your sweet, darling 3 year old will INSIST that since SHE HAS HER OWN CART and she will be checking out ON HER OWN. Needless to say, a nice full blown tantrum begins as I say, "let me help you. you can't reach to put it on the counter."

5. Injuries abound as she, in her last effort of control, grabs the frozen peas out of her cart and tries to throw a 50 yard pass to the the counter, hitting 3 people in the head as it flies by, only to land on the floor, exploding sending peas flying like shrapnel in all directions.

6. Frozen peas, floor;Bad mix. The cashier presses the "RED ALERT" button as he hollers "CLEAN UP, Check out 13"
By now... my 3 year old is freaking out, My groceries are spewed all over the floor and people are glaring at me from allllll angles.

ALL BECAUSE OF A pint sized shopping cart.
I RUN from them. I will go in the OUT door just to avoid her seeing them. They are things of pure EVIL!
Well, that's all for now. I need to go ice my Achilles tendons............ LOL!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

December? What ? Already?

When did that happen? I was minding my own business going about life as I generally do and I glanced at the calendar and it is clearly marked, "DECEMBER 6TH, 2007"
Umm, where'd November go?
It's been a beautiful Fall here. The leaves were absolutely gorgeous and stayed so for a good long time. Over the past 2 weeks I've noticed the bright yellows and oranges turning to deep reds and now they are brown. Most trees dropped their leaves during the past 2 days with the wind storm that we had. We also got a bit of snow, just enough to cover the ground and make it feel like winter. My girls were so excited about the little bit of snow that they raced to get on their hats, mittens and scarves!

I am sad that the beautiful bold colours of fall have gone, but I am also glad to see the 1st snows of winter and all of the beautiful little birds that come with that 1st wave of cold weather.
Our birdfeeders are stocked full and then, within 2 days, they are empty and in need of filling again. We have lovely little birds that visit every day. We have a pair of Mourning Doves, lots of Black Capped Chickadees, 2 Bluejays and a number of different little finches. I LOVE my quiet mornings with just me and my birdy friends. I sit here gazing out the window at the feeders and and somehow they turn my grumpy mornings into nice, peaceful ones!