Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Today is a day of remembering those who gave their all and thanking those who were fortunate to return to us! Memorial Day is special to us... we have several family members and friends who have served in the US Military armed forces.
Parades are one way to show one's gratitude. We love riding in one of our 3 WWII Military Vehicles. Usually we have veterans riding with us! They always love telling us their stories and reminiscing. Thank a Vet for his/her service. Freedom certainly isn't free!

Our 1942 Dodge WC54
1951 Studebaker Pickup Truck

 Our kiddos in the 1942 Dodge "Beep"
 Ellie wearing a WWII Helmet
Beautiful Display 
 US Navy Recruits Flag Folding Ceremony
 Me - GI Gabi :) Sporting my gorgeous Chemo Crewcut LOL

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I love swapping!

Here's my most recent swap- It is for a swap I'm in on Swap-bot.
I LOVE Sherlock (BBC TV Series) and decided to join a scavenger hunt type swap. Here's what I came up with for my partner.
I hope she likes everything! I spent quite a lot of time shopping for just the right thing. The little Sherlock Holmes notebook is my favourite thing. I got it online.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Have wanted to do this for a while....

But had no idea how to go about it other than with my friends...  Until...

I recently found a site called Toy Voyagers. On that site you send a little plush animal or doll around the world and people who find or receive it post a little blurb and a photo in your plushie's online diary and then ship it off to it's next adventure.

Totally fun stuff!
I've named my little plushie....

Traveling Will Beary..... (some of you will get it.. some won't LOL)

I will send him off oh his 1st voyage this coming week! So excited to see where his travels take him!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I had to have one...

While I adore my Calipso Teal personal sized Filofax planner... I found that it just doesn't have enough room for my planning needs. I not only want to write in my 'to do' list and appointments, I want to play with the pages and personalize them in a creative way. The personal sized planners are great to tuck in my purse when I'm on the run and need a quick glance at what's goin' down --- but--- what I wanted was 'play space' to decorate and play with the pages.
I've found that when I decorate the planner pages, I am more apt to look at and remember things and actually USE it than if I am simply relying on my phone for reminders. Honestly, that doesn't work at ALL for me.

So... with that said... I asked for an A5 Filofax for Mother's Day and was gifted with a beautiful A5 "Original" in Aqua!
It's PERFECT! I have already started to decorate and get my life organized. Well... as organized as my life can possibly be, that is! I look forward to sharing some fun A5 size planner swaps on Swap-Bot in the very near future!