Thursday, May 24, 2007

Look! My husband is in the local paper!!!!

Some of you know that we do WW2 Living History and reenactment events all over the East Coast. Here is my husband doing a demonstration for the local public middle school. The kids enjoyed the 'hands on' demonstration and were captivated by the ambulance and it's contents!
Below is an article that appeared in our local newspaper, The Courier News


WWII era comes alive for youths
Bridgewater pupils get field lesson from re-enactor

Staff Writer

BRIDGEWATER -- A history appreciation group from Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School got a firsthand account Wednesday of what it was like to be a medic during World War II.

"It's always been an interest of mine," said re-enactor Dr. Harel Rosen, who works with newborns needing intensive care. "Now I go around and share the interest and hobby with others."

Rosen said his hobby and collection of World War II memorabilia began with a G.I. Joe in 1965.

It appeared Rosen's passion for history transfixed the eighth-graders in the Veterans History Project Group, who experienced the unique lesson in a parking lot at the school. About a dozen students listened intently and asked questions of Rosen in front of his impromptu field hospital -- a restored ambulance from 1942.

In giving his lesson, Rosen explained how medics lived with infantrymen and gave first aid to the wounded, helping them out of the line of fire. With a collection of surgical tools, a stretcher and other equipment, Rosen was able to supply visuals of how medics were able to stabilize a wounded soldier to get him to an aid station.

Science teacher Michael Russell, a veteran of the National Guard and Army Reserve, started the project group about six years ago at the school. Nationally, the group is administered by the Library of Congress.

"The kids have learned so much through this," Rosen said.

Rosen said the group has met with veterans of World War II, Korea, the Persian Gulf war and the war in Iraq. Most recently, the students were visited by a soldier who served in Iraq, and with whom they have kept in touch.

"Mostly, I think they benefit from hearing a voice and seeing a face one-on-one," Rosen said. "When we have the vets come in, sometimes they get emotional, and the kids see that -- they can connect with the experiences of people who experienced war."

"It's so important, especially to learn about World War II, because we are losing many of the men who fought for us during that time," Rosen added.

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My Little Buddy

This is my little Jack Russell Terror. You met her a few months ago when I wrote about her little overnight adventure. She's such an awesome dog! She loves being in the car with us on our travels. We take her all over the place. Summertime is a bit harder because it's SO DARNED HOT and we can't leave her in the car when we run errands. I hate to have to leave her home! Just look at that face! Can't you tell she's HAPPY? She's SMILING!

Since it's summer, her car-trip days are limited to evenings and park visits only..... It's the part of Summer I hate most.... I feel bad leaving her home, looking at her sad face and knowing that she doesn't understand WHY she can't go with us!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Disney Layouts!

I am on a roll with my Disney Album.......

MGM Studios has a play area for the kids. EVERYTHING is huge to make them feel like minatures! It's sooo cute. These ants were a huge hit with the girls. (No pun intended!! )

We had never met 'Clarice' the Chipmonk before! The girls stood in line for a good long time to get to an autograph and photo with her. Clarice is all about the fashion... uh huh!!!
This one scanned in a little dark for some reason... I used 2 castle photos here and then cropped some 'not so great' photos into small ones for this one. Magic Kingdom is aptly named!!

If you know my kids, you know that EATING is just not in their itinerary for the day. To get them to sit and eat ANYTHING is like pulling teeth from a live, very awake crocodile! I snapped a few photos of this very rare occasion to prove that they do, indeed, eat on occasion!!!

Visiting Animal Kingdom was a highlight of our Disney Vacation. The entire park is so well done. Each 'country' has such an authentic feel to it. I think it's my favourite park of all! Mackie LOVES birds and this guy caught her eye, so brilliantly green and polite too!

This round layout I did for a challenge. It was fun but I think I don't like the paper I chose! This was also at Animal Kingdom. Every day they have a parade and the girls were WILD about it! Minnie Mouse's safari truck was Ellie's FAVORITE part!!

Breakfast at Chef Mickey's was a TRUE adventure! I don't think there was much eating going on but I know there were LOTS of characters to see, giggle about and HUG! Pluto is one of Ellie's FAVORITES so this was definitely a highlight for her!

That's all for now........................

Thursday, May 17, 2007


We decided to go to VA for a few days to hit the amusement parks! What a fun time we had! We first stopped in Maryland to visit the Aberdeen Proving Ground. Tanks, Tanks and MORE TANKS!!
Aberdeen Proving Ground Tanks, Tanks Tanks~!

When we got to the hotel, the 1st thing the girls did was get into their bathing suits. They were SO excited UNTIL we got down stairs and found that the POOL WAS CLOSED! *GASP* I had to quickly think of a distraction to dry those tears of disappointment! TO THE BEDS!! Normally I wouldn't allow this but since I was RIGHT there, I let them jump back and forth between the beds so I could snap some great airborne photos!!

Ellie Takes Flight~!

Mackie's Flyin' High~!
We drove to VA the next day, arriving WAY late. I was completely bummed out because we were supposed to meet my friend, Lissa and her son, Dalton for a park play date and dinner at around 4. Well, the traffic had OTHER plans for us and we didn't roll into town until after 9:30PM. Sadly, our meeting didn't work out this time . The traffic was INSANE. We were sitting on the road for HOURS.............. absolutely horrendous. NEVER EVER, EVER drive thru that area if you don't have to! EVER!!!
The next day we got up at and were ready to leave the hotel at 8AM. We drove to Busch Gardens and got an early start. It was nothing at ALL like the Florida Busch Gardens... but it was a nice day anyway!

Busch Gardens Fountain

Having fun in the fountain at the entrance of the park! FUN STUFF! The girls were ALL about getting wet!! If it was a water attraction, they were RIGHT THERE!

Ahh... the day was soooo busy and full of adventure and things to do and see, but the girls never give up an opportunity to stop and smell the flowers!!

Never miss the chance to stop and smell the flowers~!!
Most of the day was spent playing in this little 'water park' in the fountains.

There was a cute little section of the park that was all for pre-school aged kids. Though they mostly wanted to play in the water fountains all day, they did go on a couple of the rides. This one was particularly cute!

Little Dragon Flume~!
This was the favourite spot for the day! It was a cute little area with little fountains to splash about in. The girls played here most of the day!


Lil Fishy~!

The next day we got up early and checked out of the hotel in Williamsburg and headed north towards Richmond. We spent the day at King's Dominion amusement park. We really enjoyed this place! The girls were SO excited that there were characters to meet and take pictures with!


Diego and Dora~!

There was a cute little set up where you could get your photo taken 'in' the Mystery Machine!

Mystery machine!~
There was such a cute area to go 'meet' BLUE from 'Blue's Clues'! It was indoors and a little dark but it was airconditioned :) SMART!!

Meeting Blue~!

Though ALL of the areas of this park were adorable and fun, the HIGHLIGHT of the trip for the girls was, most definitely, meeting SPONGEBOB and PATRICK!!

Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star~!

Spongebob and Patrick~!