Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back from Disney World!

We're home :) *Sigh* I LOVE all of the parks of Disney World and wish I could spend 3 months there at a time! We're Disney addicts I guess!
We had a blast! My inlaws met us there for a few days to celebrate the January Birthdays and they LOVED it too! See? Disney isn't just for kids! ;)
My girls find the most joy meeting and getting pictures taken with the various Disney characters. Among the favorites are:
Minnie Mouse
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Eyore is always a fun one to see!
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Mackie especially loved Animal Kingdom and playing in the Dinosaur Play Area! They even had a small waterfall and all sorts of 'fossils' to climb and play on.
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Ellie enjoyed ToonTown in Magic Kingdom and walking through Minnie Mouse's house. She tried out all the furniture and checked out every nook and cranny.
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I have so many pictures that I can't possibly put them all up on here. Those above, are a just a few of my favorites! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney and am always up for a chat or email exchange about it!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

{Studio Friday} "Look who I found!"

This week's topic for Friday January 26th suggested by Janet: LOOK WHO I FOUND... !

"I love to discover new artists and often find them through other peoples mentions of them. So, introduce us, in words and/or pictures, to an artist, craftsperson, or writer you admire and that we might not have heard of before (i.e. not a famous one). What do you like about their work? How does it inspire your own work?"

~ Janet

This is a fun topic!
I have been out of the loop for a few months and I'm back in the groove!
A true art inspiration for me is Debbie Wachel.
Debbie's work is very unique and always brings a smile to my face. She has a certain command of the colour pallet and she really knows how to bring her art to life. I am especially fond of her whimsical sketches of her beautiful standard poodle, Penny and her beloved horses.
Here are a couple of my absolute favorites:
This is a sketch of her poodle, Penny, sound asleep. I love the soft tones and highlights. It's not just a sleeping dog, it gives the viewer a sense of peace.
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I love this comical sketch of a Fashion-Zebra, able to change his stripe color at will!
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My absolute favorite sketch is this one! It's her whimsical take on Raphael's "Cherubs", but done as pegasas'!!
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Debbie's artistic abilities aren't limited to sketches! She's got a wide range of projects going on at any given time. She creates lovely art from flowers, fabric, paper, fibers, collages, and just SO MUCH!
Here's another piece that I LOVE!!! It's sooo funny yet SOOO TRUE!! I love her sense of humor and how she can bring it all to life in one of her artistic pieces!

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This one, one of my favorites, makes me laugh the very hardest! I guess it's because I can truly relate! I have a water-phobic dog as well and Debbie captures the desperation perfectly!

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Debbie's artwork and her writing inspires me to go further, take chances with color and themes and just to go for it and create! Thanks Debbie for being such an inspiration!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The New Year's Eve Mosquito.....

Nice. New years eve. 7:30PM. Happy toddlers jumping on the bed during bedtime routine. Me sitting on the bed laughing hysterically at my 4 year old. She's a comedian already. She can make this vocal sound and it sounds exactly like a buzzing mosquito. It's funny as hell because she does this funny face and sticks her arms out....
Anyway.. well she was doing just that and I was cracking up because it's so friggin' hysterical. With my hysterical laughter and her 'buzzing' her head colided with MY face, breaking my friggin' nose.
yeah.. nice eh? I got my nose busted by a New Year's Eve Mosquito. *sigh*
Hubby was quick to grab an ice pack and I iced it IMMEDIATELY. There is minimal swelling but there are black circles under my eyes making me resemble a raccoon.(No I'm NOT posting a picture so shut the hell up. Don't even ask cuz I'll pummel you.)
My nose appears normal (aside from very slight swelling) It's not crooked and it's very slightly purple on the bridge. I have an appointment with a ENT Dr. tomorrow to assess the internal damage (if any).
Throw some happy vibes my way if ya can.

Happy Buzzin' New Year