Friday, April 27, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

It's been raining HARD here lately. Our part of NJ is constantly in the News. (Bound Brook, NJ and Manville, NJ) go take a peek if you have a minute.
About 2 weeks ago, Bound Brook had flooding over 6 feet on Main Street. 100s of people and businesses were, literally, washed into ruin. This has happened before ( Hurricane Floyd) but I guess you can just never be prepared for such a catastrophe. We had a few dry days, but nothing long enough to let the canal levels go down again so this rain storm, last night into today, has once again, flooded Bound Brook and parts of Millstone and Manville. Our town is the next town up from there and we're a little higher up from the Canal. We're not flooded here but our town is sort of an island, so to speak, since the roads surrounding us are flooded and we're sorta stuck here. (National Guard mans the flood zones and doesn't let anyone drive thru it. Yes. People are actually STUPID enough to drive thru the deep water. NOT smart, lemme tell ya! )
I didn't realize that it had flooded again until I got to the girl's school this morning and the parking lot had about 4 inches of water flooding it. There were only 3 cars there, so by deduction, I figured it out... No School today. I sure wish I had known that before I got SOAKED while herding the girls into the car and into their car seats this morning. I was completely drenched and cold and just not in the best mood.
I was supposed to pick up my friend's dog to watch her this weekend at around 11AM but I decided to skip over there and get the dog before the roads got flooded and the traffic got horrendous. I got home around 9:45 and we haven't left the house, nor will we!
I have made myself comfy at my scrapbooking table, the girls are playing nicely with the dogs, Legos, Blocks, Playdoh and My Little Ponies!
It's been a great day to be creative!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And the winner is....................


I will be running another contest soon so keep your eyes peeled!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lotsa Layouts!!

I have been scrapping, quite a lot lately. Over the past 2 months I have scrapped MORE than I had in the past 2 years. Here are a few recent layouts.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Ok! This one's for a PRIZE from ME! (Something new and fun from PRIMA!)
Let's get scrappin'! I want you to scrap a page, using my sketch here, and then post it on your blog. Please post me a comment so that I can visit your blog and leave a comment.
I will put each participant's name in a bucket and have my daughter draw a name next Tuesday. You have week to complete the challenge!
Here's the sketch..... Click on the sketch for a larger version.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

{Studio Friday}

SF topic for April 13th

Part IV of the new Studio Friday mini series looked at from an artist's perspective in a different angle and light: "The Seven Deadly Sins"

This week's topic for Friday April 13th: Sin #4: SLOTH!

How do you fail to utilize your gift and talents? How do you feel at those moments? Are you unwilling to act? Is it that you are afraid? What is really going on? How can a few simple steps change you? What do you need for that happen?


This is an interesting take on this one this week! I had never thought of the '7 deadly sins' from an artist's viewpoint before... it's a very neat perspective!!
I don't think that I fail to utilize my abilities though I do feel that I have let opportunity pass me by once or twice without jumping on the bandwagon. I am not competitive though I do love a challenge and a lot of my best work has been created under pressure.
I am not unwilling to act nor am I afraid. I love that my craft is one which is only a hobby and that I can do at my will. I wouldn't want to HAVE to do it for my livelihood or else it would become more of a chore and I know I would procrastinate and put it off. Scrapbooking is my favourite thing to do with MY time. It's my relaxation, my down-time and my time to just let go and create with wild abandon!
There's no sloth here!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged!

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! OK, here goes:

1. I tend to procrastinate

2. I love writing. I love it more than almost everything else.

3. I am going to the Memories Expo today

4. I am not big on reading. I'd rather play a video game.

5. I'm a has to be done right and perfectly or I'm just not happy. (Me too!)

6. I am infatuated with laguages and dialects.

7. My husband and own and operate a traveling WW2 Museum. We are constantly adding to and searching for the perfect site to give it a permanent home.

I tag Laura, Jax, Tracie, Emily, Beth, Raven and Michelle

Thursday, April 12, 2007

*~Bad Habits~*

We all have bad habits. Some of us are easier to recognize and admit it than others. I am one who's upfront about that sort of thing with myself. There's no use in being in denial. It doesn't do you any good.

The 1st step to starting to correct a bad habit is to admit it to yourself.

I am a nail-biter. I hate it. I would LOVE to have gorgeous, natural nails. I have always been a nail biter. It never really was an issue really, before my kids were old enough to question me about it. I'd either go get my nails done ( acrylics and polish) or I'd do them myself with those wicked, evil stick-ons that hurt like HELL if you caught your nail on something and bent it back..... *OUCH!*

Lately, my 5 year old has been noticing that I bite my nails. I've caught her and my 3 year old emulating me and I don't want them to fall into the dark, ugly habit that is nail biting!!

The 2nd step is to make yourself aware when that habit creeps up on you.........

That's a lot easier to write than it is to put to practice. Bad habits come at us from all directions. Some are done out of nervous energy and some out of boredom; some show up when we're watching a scary movie or waiting in line in anticipation of a roller coaster. In other words, these bad habits feed the pleasure seeking part of our brains. We have to become aware of these times and replace them with another action. Some people have incredible willpower. My dad was one of those people. Once he made up his mind to do something, he stood, steadfast and didn't falter. I wish I had received that from his genetics, rather than my short stature! HA!!
For me, willpower is just not an option. I haven't got a drop.

The 3rd Step is the solution
Now that we're aware of the bad habit. What can we do about it? How can we replace that habit with something that will equally feed the pleasure seeking part of the brain? Now, for each of us, this can and probably will be different. Some people put nasty-tasting nail polish on their nails and some will chew gum or suck a lollipop. None of those things work for me. I am not a gum person and I can't stand hard candy. I am still seeking a solution that will work for me. The nasty nail polish works to an extent.... maybe I'll be persistent with that........

What's a bad habit of yours?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Tuesday Venting Session

Pre-Schoolers. Little beasties, hell bent on pushing your every button.

"May I have gum?"
"No, Mackie. It's bedtime."
"No, Mackie, It's bedtime."
"Because it's 7:30 and it's bedtime, Mackie"
"But I want gum. I need gum, I NEED GUM!"
"Tomorrow you may have gum Mackie, go brush your teeth, it's bedtime."
"PLEASE, Mommy?"
"No Mackie. I am getting angry. Just go brush your teeth. The quicker you get to bed the faster morning comes. And tomorrow you may have a piece of gum."
"Mommy, what time is it?"
"It's almost 7:30; Bedtime."
"Isn't Midnight tomorrow, Mommy?"
"Yes. Please, Mackie stop talking and go brush your teeth."
"Well......if Midnight is tomorrow, can I have gum at midnight?"
"No, Mackie, you may not have gum at midnight."
"WHY? You said I can have gum tomorrow. Midnight is tomorrow. So I can have gum at Midnight."
Mackie, EVERYONE is in bed at midnight. Even the dogs are sleeping."
"But Mommy, you have an alarm clock. You can wake me up at midnight and I can have gum."
"We don't set our alarms to wake us up to have gum."
Mackie, please. Go brush your teeth."
"Well.. if you let me have gum, the gum would have already cleaned my teeth!"

**She has only had sugarless gum, which, on tv has claimed to 'clean teeth'. She remembers everything and finds loopholes where ever she can. The conversation took all of about a minute but while we were having it, it seemed to take HOURS. With every response I made, she came back at me with another..... she is a master at this. She knows what pushes my buttons. She LOVES to get me riled at bedtime!! It makes me CRAZY!!!!!
The conversation ended with her last comment. She cracks me up, infuriates me and makes me wanna pull all my hair out, all in the same second!

Spring Fever!

Since the arrival of Spring, I have been incredibly organized. I've cleaned off my craft table and gotten some of my scrapbooking stuff out of storage. I have been really in the zone, creating lots of fun layouts! Too bad I can't be as organized and excited about cleaning the house! LOL!!

This photo was taken in the Fall of '06 at the Brandywine Battlefield in Chadds Ford, PA. We are out there, quite frequently, house hunting! We LOVE this town!!! I created these layouts for a design team challenge for Scrapbooking Moments In Time.

This next one is of my 5 year old (at the time of the photo she was 4). We were at Sesame Place a lot during the summer of 2006. The girls were marveling at a flower garden that was there. I was able to steal a few close-ups of them as they were exploring, completely oblivious to my existence. The scan makes the photo appear dark, but it's not actually dark at all.

This is one of my 3 year old (at the time of the photo she was only 2). This was taken at Sesame Place as well, in the same flower garden. I love that they were completely engrossed in the flowers and ignored my wild, picture taking, antics!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cattin' Around

When it comes to my pets, it just has NOT been my luck this week. On Friday night, Zippity broke free and took off. I looked for her for hours and had to abandon the search around 2AM to go to bed. Luckily, she found her OWN way home and was, cheerfully, standing outside the sliding glass doors at 6:10AM.
Well.. a similar thing happened last night, but instead of it being Zippity, it was our kitty that got out! *GASP*
At around 9PM I put Zippity outside for a potty break. I think that I left the door open a tiny bit because I was distracted by my 5 year old HOLLERING upstairs that she wanted another glass of water, another hug and kiss, another tissue, another trip to the potty....etc...
I came downstairs and turned on the TV but then heard Zippity barking so I assumed that she was done outside and wanted in. I didn't really notice but apparently the door was open enough for the kitty to squeeeeeeeze through and what Zippity was barking AT was probably the cat. She rarely, if ever, barks.
Our cat usually accompanies me on my bedtime rounds with the girls. He really follows me all over the house almost at all times. When he wasn't in the hallway when I came down stairs from FINALLY getting my 5 year old settled for the night, I thought that I may have closed him in one of the girl's closets or in my bathroom or somewhere. I called him and shook his food bag. (This cat's personality is 100% GARFIELD.) When there's food involved, you can bet your butt that he's gonna be there, right in the thick of things. He didn't come flying around the corner into the kitchen as usual. Hmm.. maybe he the girls left the basement door open? Nope... When that's happened before, he's let us know he's down there. Same goes for the Garage. No kitty, not anywhere! HE GOT OUT!
He is 3 years old, we adopted him from a friend who moved and wasn't allowed to keep cats in her new place. He had never, ever been outside. I was freaking out because we only got him in Mid-October and I didn't know if he'd even know where to go 'home' to!

After being up, tossing and turning and worrying, at 2:22 AM the moon light burst into my room right thru the blinds and woke me up. I jumped up, grabbed my slippers and ran downstairs to go outside and look for him. I opened the back door, the moon was brightly shining. I could see all the way down the street and thru the back yard into the neighbors yard, out across to the girl's swingset and the neighbours pool.
I called him once, "Pssssttttttt... here kittykittykittykittykitty..."
I listened for a second and I heard a 'prrt meow' and up the steps he came! Right into the house he trotted, right past me and straight for............. HIS FOOD BOWL!!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

{Studio Friday} ~ Greed

Part III of the new Studio Friday mini series looked at from an artist's perspective in a different angle and light: "The Seven Deadly Sins"

This week's topic for Friday April 6th: Sin #2: GREED!

This is an ugly one as well....uuuuh! What is it you are greedy about or feel greedy about? Is it material or is it a behavior? Are you greedy for emotions? Do you hoard? How do you want to change for the better? It can be small steps or do you rather take a big step to change?

Looking at this from an artist's standpoint, I knew exactly which way to go with this week's topic! I'm not so much greedy. I love to share my supplies with my scrappin' buddies. I do, however, hoard certain embellishments and papers. My 'greed' seems to lie with Primas, Rub-Ons and Pattern Paper! This photo only shows that which is currently on my desk. I have more than 15 jars of different Primas and Bazzill flowers and a huge drawer full of rub-ons! Some people 'collect' scrapbooking supplies. I admit that I do hoard them, BUT, I USE my hoard on a daily basis!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


April 5th and there's SUN! I haven't seen the sun, except for a few minutes the other day, since March. I love a rainy day as much as the next person but 4.5 days of it is a little excessive, don't you think? I have SO many errands to run today that I need to get my act together before the day flies by me at lightning speed. It always seems that way when I have the most 'stuff' to get done.
Even though it's sunny and bright outside, it's still quite chilly! Last week we were fortunate enough to have some days of warmth. We're blessed with very low/no humidity in early spring so even when we had a day last that it reached 82 degrees, it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

There's nothing better than playing outside without sweating! I love Spring. The days are warm, the nights a little longer and my girls are happy, pink-cheeked and all dirty!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Scrapbooking Studio

Scrappin' Mojo Blog Prompt ~ April 4th, 2007
We all have a space in which we scrapbook, whether it be the kitchen table, dining room table, coffee table, counter tops or your own Scrapbooking room. Let's blog today about our scrap spaces. What do you love about it? Hate about it? If you're so inclined, show a picture so we can see where you create!
I love my scrap space. Unfortunately at the moment it's being used as a holding room for all the boxes we're packing. The boxes sit in there until we have time to load the van and take them over to the storage unit. At the moment, there are about 25 huge boxes in there, waiting for transport. See the tower of Club Scrap and Scrapgoods boxes on the left side of the picture? It goes from the floor all the way to the ceiling and I have another 1/2 tower about my height next to it on the other side! LOL 5 years worth of Club Scrap ( I did use it... but not ALL of each kit so they all still have things in them. )

The Mannequin is "Commander MacTodd" and he's wearing a Star Trek uniform of my husband's. He's awaiting transport to the storage unit too! All of the stuff on the back wall on the shelves are my husband's models. I am currently scrapping on my computer desk in my family room area. It's a small area, kinda cramped with the computer monitor on my desk along side my HP Officejet All-In-One and my Paper tray (completely a MESS) and my Cricut! I LOVE MY CRICUT!! the area is a mess and I really need to clean it up.
The pros of having this area as my scrap space is that it's here, in the family room, which is also the girl's playroom. It's right off the kitchen and I have a clear wide view of my entire back yard. The girls can play on their swing set, or sand box and I can see them.

The cons of this little area are that it's cramped, not a lot of room to spread out and when I drop something, it generally gets lost in the dark vortex under my desk! LOL
Though I miss my big scrapbooking room, my shelves, 2 tables, room for 3 to scrap. I do like this little intimate space because it's in the center of the house and I can keep an eye on everything from this central point.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jumping into Spring! {Scrappin' Mojo Blog Prompt}

My husband has odd hours that he works. For example. One week he may work Monday/Wednesday & Friday (all 24 hour shifts) and have off Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. The next week he may have off Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and work Thursday/ Saturday... it's never the same, ever. My girls are in Nursery school, M/W/F and sometimes it coordinates just right so that We're ALL HOME at the same time on a week day and this gives us lots of opportunities for ROAD TRIPS!!!

Road Trips really do signify the onset of spring for us. We're happiest when we jump in the car, start driving in any direction and just drive until we find something fun to do!
A couple of weeks ago we took off driving west and wound up in Jim Thorpe, PA ( OMG it's the ASPEN OF the East.. It is GORGEOUS!) We drove along the mountains and found a quaint little place to eat while we gazed out over the mountains.

We were here in Early Spring when there was still snow on the ground and the falls were still frozen. The area is beautiful in ALL seasons.
All photos by: D.N. Rassokhin

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Whole Lotta Scrappin' Goin' On!

Sometimes I get terrible scrappers block which, unfortunately, generally lasts for weeks or even months. I am fortunate, of late, to be IN THE ZONE! I am on 3 design teams, 2 of which are store based and one that's a 'just for fun' site. I am pumpin' out the layouts for these teams and having a blast doing so!
I am making a very cool little chipboard book that I can't show you just yet, because it's for my mom and, well, she frequents my blog ( HI MOM!)
Ok.. so here's today's creation. This was a challenge issued on The Untamed Scrapper forum for a sort of book of me project we're working on.