Thursday, March 30, 2006

Writer's Block

I have a couple of blogs. One is where I just jot down stuff that I am eventually going to journal. It's basically just scrap ideas, journal prompts, quotes or stuff of that nature. I have another where I vent frustrations only meant for my own eyes! hahah!! I have been blogging since 2002. I started this one as a sort of exercise to write every day, keep in touch with family and friends and just to ramble on and on about senseless matters. I have writer's block.
It's already March 30, 2006. Where the heck have the first three months of 2006 gone? March flew by so quickly that I cannot even remember most of it. It's not that we've done SO MUCH that I can't put it all together. I think it's that we're looking ahead to SO MUCH that we aren't living in the moment we're living in fast-forward. Knowing where we're going and WHEN we're going will be a huge relief. I love the excitement of not knowing, but only to an extent. I would like to have a goal to be reaching for. When do I need to have the house packed up by? When are we listing the house on the market? What state are we actually moving TO? When can we go looking for real estate? What towns are we going to be looking for houses IN? Etc.. etc.. etc..
I guess with a lot cluttering my mind, I leave little space for creative banter.

On the way home from work yesterday, my hubby waffled a deer. He said it darted out in front of him ( broad daylight ) and it was a complete blurr. All he felt was an impact and a huge bump. Thankfully it died instantly and didn't lay there suffering and no other vehicle or persons were involved. Harel is FINE !!!There is minimal damage to the car ( it tore off the cover of the cooling fan in the engine and ripped the bottom of the bumper). This area has a highly dense population of deer, skunks, foxes, opossums and raccoons. We have a few bears around here too, a few of our neighbours have had them in their yard. We have 2 dogs and the bears don't generally bother around here. Our garbage cans are securely latched and there's nothing to attract the bears (such as swimming pools to drink from ). One of the Mom's Club moms has photos of a bear standing next to a tree in her back yard where they made a peanut-butter & suet feeder for the birds last Fall. THAT is a huge attraction! Bears LOVE PEANUTBUTTER! Needless to say, she won't be doing that again!
Ok So that was my little ramble for the day. Hubby is home from his day and I am off to chat with him.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Roller Coaster Ride

Moving is such a roller coaster ride. It's exciting, scary, frustrating, rewarding and oh, SO many other emotions, all at once! I keep trying to stay centered through out this ordeal but it's not easy! I am enjoying the process of cleaning out closets, drawers, & cabinets and really "SPRING" cleaning. I don't really like the 'not knowing' factor though. NOT knowing where we're moving to is weird. It's exciting on one hand, yet very disturbing on the other. Ya know, I don't even mind not knowing WHAT town I'll be moving to but it sure would be nice to have an idea about which STATE we'll be moving TO. I am a total supporter of my hubby and wherever he goes, of course we'll follow in complete support! ( well... unless New England is involved then my cheering won't be for support! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I don't want to move NORTH. I have had enough of the North and I am ready for some change. I wouldn't mind staying in this region, but I am all for something new. I know we like PA, VA and I think we'd love it in SC too. Afterall, my BEST FRIEND & my brother-in-law and sister-in-law live there with MY NIECE! How could that be bad?!
Spent the morning at the Pediatrician's office. Both my girls were feeling icky so I took them in at 8AM for a walk-in visit. My little one has a cold in her EYES, a head cold ( Umm never heard of a cold in the eyes before!!!) and an ear infection. My 4 year old has a sore throat (nope.. not strep!) and a stuffy nose. She's pretty much feeling fine. I feel like they are always SICK. That's one thing I hate about nursery school.......... it's a germ factory!!
I have some swaps to get busy with and I hope to organize my scrap room a little bit today too. My kitchen is a disaster zone with all my scrapbooking stuff all over the table and counters so I can pack that which I wont be using right now and organize that which I will. It looks like a total war-zone!
Back to the grind I go!!

I Love My Life!

Sometimes a song can say exactly what you are feeling. This is one such song for me:
I Love My Life
Sung by: Jamie O'Neal
Her little blond hair's blowin', she's swingin' while her daddy's mowin'
The grass, and the dog needs a bath
But he's chasing the cat up a tree
I'm lookin' out the window, happy just watching my world go round
And I think to myself, how lucky can a girl be
I've got everything, more than I ever dreamed
I love my life
I thank God for all I have
And that I love this man
Who loves his wife
I love my life
I love my life
Twenty kisses goodnight, turn the little butterfly night light on,
'til the monster is gone and she's finally fallen asleep
We tiptoe downstairs, cuddle up and we kiss in the big chair
and I smile and you whisper, now it's just you and me
I've got everything, more than I ever dreamed
I love my life
I thank God for all I have
And that I love this man
Who loves his wife
I love my life
I love my life
Blue and pink in the nursery
Gold and silver anniversaries
Dancing in the living room
Our little girl, and me and you
I've got everything, more than I ever dreamed
I love my life
I thank God for all I have
And that I love this man
Who loves his wife
I love my life
I love my life

Monday, March 20, 2006

1st Day of Spring 2006

It's the 1st day of Spring. It's 30 degrees. Now tell me, does this MAKE SENSE? *sigh* I was hoping for instantaneous WARMTH, BLOSSOMS and LEAVES on the trees. Is that too much to ask? Instead I awoke to gusty winds, 30 degrees and naked trees. Though our Winter wasn't particularly cold, it does seem as if it's been dragging on and on and on long enough.
I'm still packing. I think I'll be packing for atleast another month. I can't get all that I want done each day because it's just impossible with the girls running in here, taking stuff out of the packed boxes and running off. Harel and I have gotten about 18 good-sized boxes packed so far and we do a little every day. I have completely cleaned out M'Kayla's closet, packed up the 'un-necessary' stuff that was in there and it's now a nice place for she and her sister to play. (or so they think!!)
I need to get the rest of M'Kayla's room completely finished ( have to get the double bed and frame out of there and to the curb. It's old enough and needs to GO!) Once that's done, I can pack the toys they don't play with often and get them out of the way. I hope to accomplish this today (yeah..right !!!) Then I can get to Ellie's room. Her's isn't as big of a deal. She hasn't got much in there anyway.

Yesterday we drove around Allentown, PA and looked at houses. It was a bit disappointing because we're really used to our 1 acre and having anything smaller than 3/4 of an acre is not really an option. We can't stand the thought of living on-top of another house. We're very happy with this size of this piece of property. We will continue to keep looking until we find something that compares to here. It's very hard since housing prices, in this part of the country, are RIDICULOUS! I am the personality type that moves easily and adapts to change very well. My hubby is a little different. He is great with moving but he doesn't do 'drastic changes' very well. He's having a harder time with the thought of moving far away from this area and is seeking employment near by. It's not really looking like there's anything comparable to his salary range around this area. Can I just say that I'm READY to move?!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

March 18, 2006

While driving to my inlaws this afternoon, we saw our 1st groundhog of 2006. Seeing him gave me the assurance that Spring really IS coming and that this cold weather is just about over.
We had a fabulous day in Cherry Hill at Echelon Mall. Boscov's was having a sale and on top of that a 25% off coupon and yet another 25% off with my mother in law applying for and getting a Boscov's Credit Card! Outfits that were 40 bucks came down to 11.00 VERY NICE DISCOUNT! HAHAH!! (omg why am I even BLOGGING THIS?!)
I was on an uploading spree in My Gallery. I have more to scan in and upload but I'm feeling a bit lazy!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Going for Greatness

We're moving. Where? When? Hmm... 2 very good questions. We know that it will be this Spring. We do not know where yet. We're thinking that it may be towards Eastern-Central Pennsylvania. There are other possibilities as well. Virginia, South Jersey by the Shore and the remote, very remote, possibility of South Carolina. I don't really have any qualms with moving to any of those places though I would really like to be out of NJ.
I like Eastern-Central PA because a lot of the activities we do, reenacments and antiquing, are out that way. South Jersey, by the shore, has it's perks too but in the Summer it would take Harel more than an hour to get 8 miles to work. The traffic in that specific area is horrid due to tourism.
I've been organizing Mackie's and Ellie's bedrooms and we've donated more than 15 bags of baby clothes and toys to charity. It makes me feel so good to know that I've given back to society. I hope that it will brighten someone's day to receive those things.
It's time to go out and walk Zippity.