Thursday, May 24, 2007

Look! My husband is in the local paper!!!!

Some of you know that we do WW2 Living History and reenactment events all over the East Coast. Here is my husband doing a demonstration for the local public middle school. The kids enjoyed the 'hands on' demonstration and were captivated by the ambulance and it's contents!
Below is an article that appeared in our local newspaper, The Courier News


WWII era comes alive for youths
Bridgewater pupils get field lesson from re-enactor

Staff Writer

BRIDGEWATER -- A history appreciation group from Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School got a firsthand account Wednesday of what it was like to be a medic during World War II.

"It's always been an interest of mine," said re-enactor Dr. Harel Rosen, who works with newborns needing intensive care. "Now I go around and share the interest and hobby with others."

Rosen said his hobby and collection of World War II memorabilia began with a G.I. Joe in 1965.

It appeared Rosen's passion for history transfixed the eighth-graders in the Veterans History Project Group, who experienced the unique lesson in a parking lot at the school. About a dozen students listened intently and asked questions of Rosen in front of his impromptu field hospital -- a restored ambulance from 1942.

In giving his lesson, Rosen explained how medics lived with infantrymen and gave first aid to the wounded, helping them out of the line of fire. With a collection of surgical tools, a stretcher and other equipment, Rosen was able to supply visuals of how medics were able to stabilize a wounded soldier to get him to an aid station.

Science teacher Michael Russell, a veteran of the National Guard and Army Reserve, started the project group about six years ago at the school. Nationally, the group is administered by the Library of Congress.

"The kids have learned so much through this," Rosen said.

Rosen said the group has met with veterans of World War II, Korea, the Persian Gulf war and the war in Iraq. Most recently, the students were visited by a soldier who served in Iraq, and with whom they have kept in touch.

"Mostly, I think they benefit from hearing a voice and seeing a face one-on-one," Rosen said. "When we have the vets come in, sometimes they get emotional, and the kids see that -- they can connect with the experiences of people who experienced war."

"It's so important, especially to learn about World War II, because we are losing many of the men who fought for us during that time," Rosen added.

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Lissa Ballard said...

So awesome!! Way to go Harel!


Anonymous said...

I think it's kewl that you guys do this. Takes a lot of your time, but if you enjoy it, that's all that's important!

DEW said...

Wow Gabi - way cool! And I agree with your other poster - it is important that we do this - for this war and others.

I've been loving all your pictures and scrap layouts of your girls and of course your super puppy! Dogs rule! Your little ladies are getting prettier and prettier!! They are adorable!

Thanks for giving an explanation of the strange internet station. I agree with your last comment! :) Take care!! XOX D

Pauline said...

WOW Gabi that is so COOL!

Loreluca said...

How AWSOME, Gabz! I can't imagine how much this would help Cesar and Coco get interested into EVERYTHING history! I love history, but I really think this would be an awsome way to get youngsters interested. Wish we had someone like you guys up here!

Tracie said...

You know, that has got to be the coolest thing!!! How fun for Harel! Ooooh I mean "Dr. Rosen"!! :D

I think that is so wonderful that he is able to share that with kids today, we definitely have to remember our roots and how things used to be. I still find all that very facinating.

Congrats to your hubby!!!

MsGrace said...

Gabi I think what you and Harel do is fablous.

I feel sad that people think that teaching the history of WWII or any conflict is damaging to chilren.

I am not pro war by any means & yet I think it is important to teach about our history so we don't repeat the same mistakes.

When history is taught in the postive way that you & Harel do it I think it is a valuable resourse.

I feel that children are smart & able to interpret things when we present it in the proper context.

I am the mother of four children & Iwould invite you & your husband to share your knowledge with them any day.

You are such loving & fabulous peace loving people & I know your message would be appropriate & worthwhile.

I am a memeber of Rotary International which is an organization dedicated to world peace & understanding. With all I have learned about conflit resolution I have come to see that you can't teach peace without understanding conflict.

So my hats off to you for showing children our history in a positve way!!

Cheryl said...

Gabz - I love that you are Harel spend so much time teaching today's children about history. Unlike some people who have posted here, I think it is vitally important to teach history so that we don't forget. Without teaching the new generation, the mistakes of yesterday could become the mistakes of tomorrow.

Amy said...

I would like to say what I think you are doing is great Gabi. And we do talk to our kids about wars in Canada - despite what others might say.

Angela Prieto said...

This is so awesome Gabi!!!! And samhains again.....get a life of your own and leave Gabi alone!!!!

Brenda said...

What a great writeup on Harel. I wish I could see it.

Hugs & kisses,