Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summertime!! (sisterhood Challenge)

Summer time is such an awesome time... for both young and old alike!

Do you remember how exciting it was to get home on that last day of school?
What are your favorite summer memories of your childhood?
Is it something you did every summer, or perhaps one summer that stands out in your mind?

Blog Prompt by Tina M.

I do! I do remember the feeling on the very last day of school! We almost always had field day or a picnic or a yearbook signing day as our last day of school. The anticipation of that last bell ring was exciting! When the doors open, we all poured out into the school yard, some staying behind to finish signing yearbooks and t-shirts and getting phone numbers to 'keep in touch' over the summer. Truth is, we rarely kept in touch because we were ALWAYS SO BUSY!!
Some childhood summer memories include, but are not limited to:
1. Spending every moment I possibly could at Aunt Donna's with my cousin Kristen
2. Swimming in Aunti's pool
3. Making 'couch forts' and sleeping in them
4. SLUMMING! (playing in the woods by the river and getting dirty!)
5. Watching taped re-runs of Simon & Simon
6. Going to Maine with my dad's side of the family for 2 weeks.
7. The Ice Cream truck!
8. Having dinner out on the patio
9. Being in bed, listening to my parents chatting out on the back patio and the smell of the oil torches and sounds of the cicadas and night bugs.
10. Horseback riding camp with Chris and Kim!

One summer that stands out in my mind was the summer of my sophmore year. I was allowed to bring a friend up to Maine that year and we were wading, picking up shells. The water was right below our knees. We were finding lots of sand dollars. It was great............UNTIL I stepped on a small ray which struck my on the bottom of my foot with such a sharp barb!!! It was the first time I EVER said a curse word in front of my father and it just so happened to be the "F" word!

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Lissa Ballard said...

Loving your memories Gabi! Thanks for sharing a little part of you!

(You know I had to giggle at the "barb" incident... sorry you got hurt but I can just see your face saying that in front of your parent... HA HA HA)

Love ya!!