Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Claws N Paws Animal Park

Last week we had a great opportunity to visit Claws N Paws animal park in Pennsylvania! It was a 2.5 hour drive but was well worth it. It's a smallish zoological park with a lot of wonderful animals. Most of the animals are rescue animals that could not be rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

This is the only zoological park we've ever been to where the zookeepers host feeding time and the public actually gets to FEED a GIRAFFE! (Ignore the "DO NOT FEED" sign. That's there for when the zookeeper isn't present) Look at the TONGUE on this guy!!!

Mackie posing on an alligator sculpture

Look at this cute, cute little ape named Siam. She was so friendly and curious. She's 12 months old and was part of the zookeeper's lecture series. We were in the 1st row so we got up close to the animals.
Camel..oh so funny!!
Ellie became 'best friends' with this goat...

And this one....!!
Mackie and Ellie 'hatching' from dinosaur eggs!
Totally cute tortoises!
The park is mostly shaded which made for a VERY nice walking experience. We all know how it is in August in this area....HOT HOT HOT and HUMID! The shade made for a comfortable day!


Anonymous said...

Another fun day with your girls. You're such a good mom!


Tracie said...

Wow that sure is awesome! I would love to visit a place like that. I knew the east coast rocked so much, I must get there again SOON! I had no idea a giraffe's tongue was so enormous! Oh and I truly love the pic of the girls inside the dino eggs, that is GREAT!

lauren said...

omg your pics are FAB! i love the closeup one of the camel (camels ALWAYS crack me up!) and the girls "hatching"!!! :)

Petula Wright said...

This sounds like it was a fun and pleasant experience. My kids would have loved this!

Renee said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Love your photos!

DEW said...

These pictures are GREAT!! Your girls are so photogentic and you have such an eye for composition!!

Loreluca said...

Oh, Gabz, I'm green with envy! I love, love, love this place, and I haven't even been there. Will HAVE to go check it out... one of these days! That's awesome, thanks for sharing. I'm sure your little ones really enjoyed the experience!

MsGrace said...

That is really cool!! I wanna go!