Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Turtle Back Zoo!

What a fun zoo! We'd never been there before though it's only 40 minutes from us! When I was a kid my parents would never want to go there because it was a run down, icky place. That was BEFORE the state bought it from the owner I guess. Now it's a County Zoological Park and it's undergone LOTS of renovations and upgrades! The zoo is mostly made up of local NJ wildlife. Bears, deer, cougars, porcupines, ground hogs and some farm animals, lots of birds of prey and local reptiles and such. They also have a few llamas and penguins and a assorted foreign animals but not many.
It's a nice place to spend a few hours of the day.

The highlight of the visit for the girls was the pony rides!!

A great day!!


Michelle Lanning said...

LOVE the little fountain - how adorable!

Tracie said...

Don't zoos simply rock??? I personally can't get enough of them myself, good thing the boys love them too!! Glad you were able to bring your girls to this place and that it was restored, that's such a wonderful thing.

MsGrace said...

So fun!!
We were there too not that long ago...I should post some of my photos too.
How cute are your girls...give them a sqeeze for me.

Love you,

Wild World of Scrap said...

Look how big and beautiful your girls are. Love that fountain pic!


lauren said...

pony rides...???! i'm SO THERE!!! :)

NikJustNik said...

The girls look like they were having a great time...
I cant believe how big they are getting.

Loreluca said...

Your kids around that water fountain look just AWESOME! Sounds like a great day to spend with your little ones!