Friday, March 07, 2008

Back in the Saddle!

Honestly, there are few things more frustrating than computer problems, especially when you're a blog addict like me! I haven't been able to blog in months.
I'm here now and need to 'catch up' on my blog strolling too. I have missed seeing everyone's posts and being a part of their lives through their blogs.
Let's see.. what have we been up to lately:

January -
Disney World
The girls experienced "Pirates of the Carribean" for the 1st time and fell head over heels in love with "Captain Jack". There is a really cool mini-show right outside of the ride where you get to see Captain Jack and 'become" a member of his crew. Totally cool and omg.. lemme tell ya... the guy they have portraying Captain Jack is really good!!
Ellie (age 4) braved the "Haunted Mansion" and loved it! I am so glad that my girls are adventurous! We had a great time and actually got to do the 'rides' this Mackie turned 6 and celebrated her birthday at Cinderella's Castle with a lovely dinner. Unfortunately in the middle of the night she got stomach virus that lasted through the entirity of the trip. The poor thing was a trooper though. I think we probably visited every bathroom in all the parks! lol Luckily, none of us got her tummy bug!
Computer Virus *ACK*
My laptop got a virus which brought my computer time to a complete halt! Some type of virus ate the McAffee. Ate it. *GULP! BELLLLLCH!* and it didn't even say 'Excuse me!'
My hubby, mother in law, Mackie and I all had birthdays in January. Needless to say, it's a busy, busy month!

School Pictures
Nothing to write home about... I was pretty disappointed. I won't even bother to scan them in.... *sigh* Poor Ellie had croup for a week. Picture day was the 1st day she was back to school and she was drained, grey and very tired looking. *UGH*
Mackie's turned out "ok" but still nothing like what I wanted. I will have them done again at another place in a week or so.

So that's about all we've been up to, other than the mundane errand running, laundry doing, meal cooking, house cleaning stuff that we all deal with on a daily basis!
we were in NYC the other day. I will blog about that on another day once I get the pictures back!

Ok off I go to do some blog strolling... I gotta go see what you have all been up to!!


MsGrace said...

glad you are back...I missed you!!


Debbie said...

We missed you and your girls!! Happy b-day to all! I got so tired of viruses I finally bought a MAc. Haven't had any problems ever since. I probably just jinxed myself!! ;)

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are back with us. I've missed you so much Gabikins!


NikJustNik said...

YAY!!!! My bloody bonza sheila is back.. Man I have missed you girl..

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabi, nice to meet you , i know Laura from Crop Addict :) You are right, there is NOTHING more frustrating than computer issues ! Welcome back to cyber space !

Elizabeth K. King said...

You're back! WOO HOO!! All is right with the universe again. Love ya!

Loreluca said...

GREAT to see ya back and running! I've been pretty much MIA myself, but it's nice to come back to see you around again!