Sunday, December 28, 2008

All I want for...

Christmas and Hanukkah is.......
Our family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. December is a whirlwind! Ellie's birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas all fell within the same week this year! C R A Z Y!
The girls were VERY excited about their presents this year. We payed extra attention and got them things they REALLY wanted. One such present is 'Butterscotch' the Pony. She's a large mechanical pony that responds to touch a special brush and carrot that came with her. She has several sensors all over her which make her do all sorts of things when she's touched by you or 'hears' or 'sees' you.

The girls enjoyed spending time with all of our family over the past few days! I love this time of year because we all get together and have a chance to catch up and enjoy each other. The rest of the year always seems to be all hustle and bustle and time just slips away. We always have ntentions of seeing each other through out the year but that seldom happens. I love December because for us, it's family time and there's no better time than that!!!


Loreluca said...

That is so neat! i have never celebrated Hannukah, but my jewish uncle does... But we have celebrated Passover with him!
Those look like some mighty happy girls! I think I would be, too, if I got a ponny for Christmas!
I also love the family time, and the love you can feel in the air...
Have a happy New year, my friend!

lauren said...

oof--and here i thought, "gabi knows how to make REAL BUTTERSCOTCH!" (sort of an obsession of mine) but fortunately for my waistline, it's a (very verrrrry cute) *PONY*! (phew)

happy new year miss gabi and allllll the very best in 2009!!! :)