Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hecate Night

Something interesting about an obscure Pagan holiday that not so many know about. I don't celebrate Hecate Night but have some friends who do, so I decided to take a prompt by a friend and post a bit about it. I did a little research since I know so very little about the holiday and posted a couple blurbs.
If you celebrate Hecate, I wish you a joyful celebration!

November 16th is Hecate Night

In Greece, the festival begins at sunset. Hecate Suppers and animal sacrifices are performed on this night and those who follow her are often initiated into her Mysteries. It is said that on this night Hecate wanders the earth with the hounds of the Styx and the hosts of the dead, blessing those followers who leave her supper. Appropriate food for these feasts include red mullet, (a scavenging fish that was taboo in other cults), sprat, bread stuffs, raw eggs, cheese, garlic, mushrooms, cake and honey. Ideally the offerings are placed at a crossroads and should be left without looking back.

The night of November 16/17 is called 'Hecate's Night'. It is the night that Hecate, Queen of Fates would roam the earth with her familiars. This is the night of initiation for witches who follow Hecate. If you leave an offering outside your home...Hecate is said to bless those who reside within.


Cheryl Wray said...

Very interesting! I like to learn about celebrations and especially the historical background behind them!
(And oh, I just LOVED your comment on my blog about how you wear your Bama sweats to the Rutgers game. That is so great!!! And I have been rooting for Rutgers this year--they've been the Surprise Team, I'd say! This week is Iron Bowl, so Roll Tide!)

Samhains said...

Hey thats great Gabs, I was un-awhere of the Animal sacrifices :) , I think I prefer the cake and honey offering intead :)... here is some info on it as well, probably co-insides with what you have already said:

Sixteen days after Samhains, the Sunset marks
the beginning of Hecate Night, this is when
the Crone aspect of the three-fold, or triple
Goddess is celebrated. Hecate is a Goddess of
the Night and the Underworld, but also of love
and passion, which arises in the dark.

She is said to keep the Dogs of the Styx as her
pets, and she empowers Witches, Wizzards, enchanterresses and enchanters.

Samhains said...

My foster mother, the Scotish one, talked of Hecate night and left hot tea, lemons and honey out till morning. That was years ago, I was the fifteenth of this month I re-read some where about the night, and remembered her teas...

I may celebrate it next year, I like The Idea of leaving cake and honey out for her, in hopes of some spiritual, or material :) from her..

Going For Greatness said...

I love to learn about all different cultures & traditions> It give more of an open feeling to the world. A 'you AND me' feel rather than a 'you versus me' or a 'you OR me'
All cultures have something to offer and learning about them is fascinating.