Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back from Disney World!

We're home :) *Sigh* I LOVE all of the parks of Disney World and wish I could spend 3 months there at a time! We're Disney addicts I guess!
We had a blast! My inlaws met us there for a few days to celebrate the January Birthdays and they LOVED it too! See? Disney isn't just for kids! ;)
My girls find the most joy meeting and getting pictures taken with the various Disney characters. Among the favorites are:
Minnie Mouse
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Eyore is always a fun one to see!
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Mackie especially loved Animal Kingdom and playing in the Dinosaur Play Area! They even had a small waterfall and all sorts of 'fossils' to climb and play on.
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Ellie enjoyed ToonTown in Magic Kingdom and walking through Minnie Mouse's house. She tried out all the furniture and checked out every nook and cranny.
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I have so many pictures that I can't possibly put them all up on here. Those above, are a just a few of my favorites! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney and am always up for a chat or email exchange about it!!


Anonymous said...

I, myself, have never been to Disney World, but, as you know, living next to Disneyland, I love it. It's so darn expensive though for a family of four to go and have a good time!

Petra said...

I have been to Disneyland Paris with a friend and that is now 10 years ago. We were wondering if we should go there this Spring. I guess I do not have to ask for your opinion ;-) Wonderful that you had such a wonderful time!

Samhains said...

That sounds like you had alot of fun, kids look happy :) I must of been their age the last time I went to Disney world, we went to D land or epcot center in florida whatever it is..I was like 5 or 6..long time ago.

tinkerbell is hot eh :) ?

Vee said...

I love DW!!
I think we will take the children there next year because Synai hasn't been before.

Tracie said...

I hope one day we can take the boys to either Disneyland or World... I have been to land and that was MANY moons ago (I was 25 I think!) DH has been to world when he was a kid, hoping to be able to bring that magic for my boys as well. Either is just so doggone far we'd have to fly no matter which one we go to (time for them to bring one to the MIDDLE OF THE COUNTRY..HINT HINT DISNEY!!!) I guess they just don't want to bring one where there is a possiblity of shutting it down for snow and cold weather...imagine that!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

did you match their outfits with the character? LOL So cute! Looks and sounds like you all had a great time.

Loreluca said...

oh, my goodness, I've never been to Disney World!!!! I've only been to CA Disneyland, but that was like CENTURIES ago, when I was 12!!!
MAN! I must go ASAP! Your pictures just make me want to be there!!!

MsGrace said...

So cute gabz!! it looks like the girls dressed to match their favorite characters. Can't wait to see more pictures!!