Friday, February 02, 2007

Studio Friday - "Portfolio"

This week's topic for Friday February 2nd suggested by Jo: PORTFOLIO!

"I've never put one together. I would be very interested to see and hear what everyone else has as a portfolio and what makes up one"

~ Jo

When I first read today's challenge, I almost dismissed it because I didn't think that it had anything to do with my artform. As I sat here for a brief moment, it occurred to me that it did, indeed, have a LOT to do with my artform!
I am a scrapbooker. Each of my scrapbooks is a sort of portfolio in itself. I do take orders on occasion when I have the time and I do use my scrapbooks as models to show people different styles, textures, colour schemes and balance. I also use my books to give other scrapbookers ideas.
My portfolio isn't just one portfolio, it's all of my scrapbooks. The best portfolio I can show you on-line would be my gallery at Time To Scrap
~ Gabi


Kim said...

Gabi, you are an artist - Love your work! Thanks for your comment on my blog - I've bookmarked you, too. Please come visit often, and I'll be by to visit you. And maybe ONE day, I'll get back down your way again.

Loreluca said...

I LOVE your portfolio, Gabz!!! Such beautiful work you do! And your kids being such cuties make it so easy to make ART out of each layout!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

A great idea to think about! I do think that anyone who's an artist has a portfolio!
(I have to apologize for not stopping by in so long. I lost my bloglines and i'm just getting caught back up with the blogs i like to visit!)
Have a great weekend!

mreteveian said...

Never thought of my album as a portfolie, but will do from now on.
Thanks for the tip!

isay said...

Beatiful scrapbooks! and nice post, too!

here's wishing you more scrapbooks to make-cheers!

Tracie said...

You know I love your style and your work, I'm always green with envy and drool over it!! Keep up the great work and keep on sharing!!!

Hugs and kisses to the kids!

dena said...

Yes, scrappers can sometimes dismiss themselves as artists! but in truth, out scrapbooks are in reality our portfolios! and we are always adding to them each time we do a LO! the great thing about scrappers is our LO's are uniquely us... and they are very personal... Which is really what art should be!

thanks for your great post!


Abbie said...

Hi Gabi! I would say that your gallery is most definitely a portfolio! Excellent pages!
:) Abbie

DEW said...

Hi Gabi! I'm so glad that you realized that this subject was indeed all about your artform! You are totally correct that every scrapbook is a portfolio - very cool observation that I would not have even thought about! Your work is so wonderful, I just want to send you all my pony pictures and have you make scrapbooks for me!! You preserve the past with incredible style! All my photos are in shoes boxes! Keep up with your fabulous art and you ARE a true inspiration on many, many levels!! XOX

naomi said...

REally enjoyed looking through your portfolio. Great ideas and images!
Yes, definately, your scrapbooks rank as portfolios.