Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Little Scrapper!

My oldest daughter recently turned 5. She has always loved the fact that I scrapbook. She finds joy in telling everyone she meets that 'My mommy is a scrapbooker and I'm a scrapbooker too!" I have recently purchased a table for both of my girls (Ellie is 3) but Mackie seems to think that it's all hers!
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I bought a few pairs of fancy-edged scissors, a 6x6 scrapbook, some stickers and gave her a bunch of cardstock scraps (no no.. no Bazzill!) and set her loose!
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A girl can't scrap without her favorite alien action figure (*ACK*) I have no idea why she even befriended this nasty looking alien thing but it's among her top 10 favorite toys (and it's not even hers, it's something that Daddy had in the basement!)
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After a long, hard day of scrappin', here's the final result! Hahahahahaha!!!
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DEW said...

This is fantastic! You can't start them early enough you know! Ahhh you can't begrudge a girl her nasty alien friend. She probably loves it BECAUSE it is her Daddy's!!

I don't know if my email is blocked to you again. I did send you one asking which you wanted and a mailing address....


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

good for her! It's so good for them too.

scrapbookingoasis said...

So cute. I can't wait till my LO can scrapbook with me (only 2 1/2 right now)

Loreluca said...

This is TOO CUTE!!! She did very good for a first try! Nicole does that, too. And she's always asking me if I have more "scrapbooking jobs" to do.

Anonymous said...

I wish my dd would take more of an interest in scrapbooking.

Tracie said...

Ooooooh how cool!!! I love to hear of a little diva getting into one of the best hobbies ever! You go Mackie!!!!

Love the alien dude, he'd probably be one of our top 10s here as well....lololol!!!!

Vee said...

so so cute!!
start 'em early