Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Been?!

We have a Jack Russell Terror ( not a typo! LOL). Last night while I was scrapbooking with Laura, I put Zippity out, as usual to have her dinner. When I went to let her in, she wasn't there. I saw the frayed end of her leash and knew she had chewed through it and taken off! *UGH*
Here it is, 11pm, my kids are fast asleep in bed and Laura had JUST left. My husband was working last night so I was home alone. No one to watch the girls for me while I fumbled around outside in the mud, looking for my little dog.
I knew she was out of ear shot. She ALWAYS come tearing across the yard when she's outside and comes right away when I call her. Last night, I called and called. Whistled, clapped, squeaked her toys and even shook the treat can. (heck that works on TV, right?!) My ears received nothing but silence in return. I walked around the house calling out in every direction and finally gave up around 1:45AM. I got to bed around 2AM but, for obvious reasons, could NOT sleep. I tossed and turned, 1/2 asleep, 1/2 awake listening for any tell-tale sign of her return.
6.10AM. M'Kayla bursts in my room, "Mommy, I hear a dog barking" she said (mind you, she knew nothing about Zippity's Houdini act from last night). I got up, and we scurried downstairs and there, peering at me from behind the glass doors in the kitchen was a little MUDDY dog! ZIPPITY!!!
She was SO happy to see me that she burst in when I opened the door and tracked in mud! I grabbed her and we gave her lots of praise. LOTS OF PRAISE! I gave her a once-over for ticks and cuts, boo-boos etc. We then tossed her in the bathtub for a scrubbing. Usually she LOATHES the bathtub. This time she hardly made even so much as a fuss. She was exhaused from her 'night out' and promptly fell asleep after being brushed and blow dryed. With the nervous energy from the stressful, sleepless night, I created this layout about her ordeal and our joyful reunion!


Anonymous said...

My dogs have taken the Incredible Journey around the neighborhood a few times. The difference is, mine don't come back, they keep walking.

Glad Zippity got home okay.

Loreluca said...

Oh, I'm so glad he came back! I would've been sooo mad at Digger, I would've scared him away with all the yelling! ;)
Glad your little ones didn't even noticed!
Love the LO! Nice thing that it inspired you!

Tracie said...


You sure did it right when you praised he for "coming back" and not the 'running away' since he long forgot about what he did!!!

Cute layout (as usual!!)