Thursday, December 06, 2007

December? What ? Already?

When did that happen? I was minding my own business going about life as I generally do and I glanced at the calendar and it is clearly marked, "DECEMBER 6TH, 2007"
Umm, where'd November go?
It's been a beautiful Fall here. The leaves were absolutely gorgeous and stayed so for a good long time. Over the past 2 weeks I've noticed the bright yellows and oranges turning to deep reds and now they are brown. Most trees dropped their leaves during the past 2 days with the wind storm that we had. We also got a bit of snow, just enough to cover the ground and make it feel like winter. My girls were so excited about the little bit of snow that they raced to get on their hats, mittens and scarves!

I am sad that the beautiful bold colours of fall have gone, but I am also glad to see the 1st snows of winter and all of the beautiful little birds that come with that 1st wave of cold weather.
Our birdfeeders are stocked full and then, within 2 days, they are empty and in need of filling again. We have lovely little birds that visit every day. We have a pair of Mourning Doves, lots of Black Capped Chickadees, 2 Bluejays and a number of different little finches. I LOVE my quiet mornings with just me and my birdy friends. I sit here gazing out the window at the feeders and and somehow they turn my grumpy mornings into nice, peaceful ones!


Loreluca said...

Gabz, thank you so much for your encouraging words! It feels good to know I have so many friends in distant places, wishing dad a fast recovery!
Seems like winter around your garden will be the place to be! I'd be there if I was a birdie, too!

Lynn Anne said...

I want to know how it's 'only' December 7 and we're halfway through Chanukah AND working on our fifth or sixth snow of the season already...WHERE is this 'mild la nina winter' I keep hearing about from the 'pros'???

lOVE the girlies in their winterwear - that stuff looks warm & lush & supersoft..NO WONDER they couldn't wait to put them on!


Michon said...

I hear ya sister! Where the heck did the whole year go! :P

jadadog said...

How do you like your camera? The pics look great!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that the year is almost over already. But, I for one, cannot wait; it's been one hell of a year!


Elizabeth said...

You've got some beautiful girls!!!

MsGrace said...

I can't believe it is December either. Although I have been enjying the bits of snow we have gotten. It was sucha glorious fall here this year. The girls look adorable in their new hats....I was there when you picked them out...too cute!!


Cheryl Wray said...

LOVE those birds!!!

I know...Dec. got here QUICK!! But I am lovin it!!