Saturday, April 05, 2008

Scrapgarden's Blog Challenge for today

Do you make it a habit to do something scrappy each day?
I DO! That's not saying that I actually ACCOMPLISH it.....
More often than not, I get side tracked by laundry, scrapbooking forums online, a phone call or something good on TV. Sometimes it's something as simple as being distracted by wanting to be LAZY.
I don't get any daytime scraptime. It just doesn't work that way. My scraptime only comes after 8:30PM and honestly, MOST of the time I'm feeling kinda lazy and un-scrappy by then.
I get cattle prodded now and then by my buddy, Laura!
Going to check out the scrap blogs of my friends and the forum galleries can get me inspired too. I TRY to get SOMETHING scrappy accomplished daily but it just isn't always in the cards!


Christy said...
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Christy said...

I hear ya -- I think being sidetracked is my biggest problem too. Ignore the previous post -- I goofed and just deleted it -- I hate not being able to edit these things.

Loreluca said...

I am SOOOO with ya!!! By the time I can sit down and accomplish anything, I'm jsut too tired, so I just browse around looking at bloggeroes and stuff like that... I keep trying, though!