Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weather Woes!

I am tired of all the rain. ALL WINTER all we've gotten is day after day after day of RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! WHEN WILL IT END? We had one or 2 nice days in the past 2 weeks and today, once again, RAIN. *sigh*
I am drowning over here in mud, muck and RAIN!!!
We got one small snowfall in late January or early February. That was it. This was the rainiest, wettest, dreariest winter I think I've ever experienced.
Spring is here and yes, it's supposed to be a 'rainy season' for the most part but 5 of 7 days a week of RAIN is pathetic. I think I need to migrate like birds do. I'll winter in a place where it's sunny and in the 70s with VERY LITTLE RAIN and then I'll summer in a place where it's 70s, SUNNY and VERY LITTLE RAIN! lol
Can ya tell I'm all washed out by all the RAIN?
I hope your weather is better than mine has been for the past 5 months!!!


Anonymous said...

Me thinks you need to migrate over to so Cal! We have beautimus weather. Supposed to be about 75-80 this weekend!


NikJustNik said...

Stuff Cali... we dont get rain here in winter LOL!!! You know there is always beds at my house for you and the girls...

Anonymous said...

Hey Gabi: Love your blog! thanks for your comment on mine! hehe

love your other blog, nice challenges!