Saturday, May 03, 2008

Gators and Turtles and Snakes, OH MY!

We went to Charles Towne Landing in Charleston, South Carolina with our friends, Beth and Ed. It's such a gorgeous place. The trees are ancient and so huge, there's wildlife all around. We saw a lot of different 'critters', including alligators!
And, yup... we were THAT close! *Gasp*
Yes, we were that close to him, and got in trouble for it with park security!
Beth found a snake while she was walking in the grass. He didn't even seem phased that she was about to step RIGHT ON HIM! She called Ed over and he picked the snake up (grass snake) and showed him to the girls.
He then released it onto a tree branch to get it off the ground away from harm.
The trees in Charleston are HUGE! During our walk at Charles Towne Landing, we came across some GIANTS! The girls loved playing beneath the beautiful huge trees. There was shade everywhere we walked.
Everything's bigger in South Carolina....or is that supposed to be Texas?? LOL! Anyway, the girls, being the animal lovers they are, were also fascinated by the bugs. Yeah.. they're a LOT bigger than they are used to seeing and they loved picking them up off the walkway on leaves and sticks and putting them back on the grass or trees.
Found a bug
As we walked the path we saw a large box turtle and decided to take a picture of it. When we approached we noticed she was laying eggs. We got a fast picture. We didn't want to disturb her.
Laying eggs!
Can you see the tiny fiddler crabs? Look hard.... there are lots of them!! The girls had fun trying to count them as they scurried around.
I will post more pictures as I download them from my camera. All the photos above are by Beth King. ( Thanks Beth!! )


Laura S. said...

Awesome photos Gabi!!! So cool.
gals you had fun.

TanishaRenee said...

GASP, that gator looks scary!

I love the pics of the girls by the big tree- that would look amazing on a LO!

Anonymous said...

You all always go on the best excursions. Can I come live with you!???


NikJustNik said...

Looks like you are having a great time!!! Miss Ya though.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, I love Charlston it has a certain feeling to it. cant wait to see los.

Loreluca said...

Love the pics, hun! Can't stomach snakes, or gators, or bugs for that matter, but lovely pix, indeed!

Pauline said...

Your girls are too cute!
Great pictures and thanks for sharing your "animal" adventure

Elizabeth K. King said...

I miss you. Come BACK. ~Beth