Monday, June 30, 2014


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 using… FujiFilm InstaxShare Smartphone SP-1 Printer And I LOVE IT! It's cute, weighs almost nothing and you it prints your photos in cute mini-polaroid style. Perfect for scrapbooking, smashbooking and planners! There are lots of film options with many designs from Hello Kitty to Halloween and everything in between. 
 eating…. Things with minimal to low sugar. I noticed that when I eat sugar I wake up with my joints all stiff and EVERYTHING HURTS! I am staying away from sugar and eating lots of organics and SALAD, SALAD, SALAD!
 wishing for… This Camera ... I am in love with it's design and I think it looks rather inconspicuous and would 'fit in' quite well for my WWII reenactments. My Iphone and current Canon camera look a little too 'odd' in a 1944 setting!
 watching…  Falling Skies - I have been on board with this show since episode 1 season 1 and it just keeps getting more and more deep. I love Mpho Koaho as Anthony, Noah Wyle as Tom Mason and Colin Cunningham as John Pope. The cast is phenomenal.. they couldn't have chosen better people for this show! I am a rabid Falling Skies Addict! I even follow the characters on twitter
 working on… Purging and cleaning my house from the top to the bottom. I've been really 'out of it' for the past year with my treatment for ovarian cancer and since finishing in February, I am only now just starting to feel a little energy again and starting the long road to getting back to 'myself' - It's a long road, with many curves but that doesn't scare me. I am determined and a very positive person and almost always get what I want! My journey is documented here.
What are you up to this summer?

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