Saturday, August 02, 2014

Swap-bot and Postcards and Postcrossing Oh My!

Im really happy to have found Swap-bot a few months ago. It was the perfect thing for me to have in my life at the time and I've met some amazing people, discovered some fantastic artists and swapped some really unique stuff! I LOVE this place!

Through a swap-bot friend I also discovered Postcrossing - It's a postcard swapping website -I LOVE IT! It's the most amazing way to get post cards from all over the world. I've sent a few and received a few... I love it!

Swap-Bot keeps me smiling, I really enjoy finding the perfect things for my partners, wrapping them up all cute and making an envelope to send 'em all off in!

I am rambling... I just love Swap-bot and can't say enough good things about it!!

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Andrea Jackson said...

Hi! Discovered your blog through Swap-bot. I love it too. Glad you're enjoying it. Continued happy swapping!