Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life Spoke

"On September 8th I started riding a bicycle cross country by myself.
I'll be camping along the way and hope to comeplete the ride in seven weeks.
The ride is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and I'm trying
to raise $25,000. It's something tangible to honor people who have died
of cancer and are close to me.".
~ Andrew Bascue

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This man is Andrew Bascue, he is the son of one of my mother's best friends. He started out in Oregon and is riding across the United States to New Jersey. The fundraiser he is doing is legitimate. He is AWESOME! He is riding for all who have lost their lives from and who are battling cancer. If nothing else, just go take a look at his blog and see how far he's ridden so far. His journey is nothing less than Amazing!! I am so excited for him. The journey itself is exciting, but doing it for the good of others at the same time is just awesome. Check out his blog, leave some encouragement and if you're so inclined, you may make a donation.


Carrie said...

wow he sounds like a cool guy! I will go check out this site :)

Cheryl Wray said...

People like that just inspire me so much!!
I have a friend who is still in the midst of battling her ovarian cancer and she's riding in the 100 mile Lance Armstrong race. Amazing!!!!!

Samhains said...

thats great! love the fight for cancer.. I know alot of people that have died from Cancer, and had the worlds most stupidest memory with terry fox... anyways good on him!

Loreluca said...

This is so neat! Thanks for inspiring stories!!!

Tracie said...

Wow, I'm quite impressed that there are people out there that go that extra mile for those that cannot. It is a true blessing to have them, and I'm sure it's an even better blessing to KNOW them! Thanks for sharing his story Gabi!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey, love your new pic on your profile. You look like you are so redy for Fall!!

Angela said...

That's SO awesome! My dad died of cancer last year.