Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bedtime Woes!

Almost 9PM. My 4 year old is STILL UP. If you know me, you know I am a NO-B/S mom when it comes to bedtime yet she's still up. Why is she still up? She's up because she's WIRED and physically CANNOT settle down.
She's not particularly a good eater but today she ate VERY WELL. I think I like it better when she DOESN'T eat a good dinner because she's TIRED at BEDTIME and not WIRED. It's almost 9PM and she's up, playing busily with her toys. She's quiet, so it's not a bother but what WILL be a bother is when 6AM rolls around and she is up regardless of the time she goes to BED. I tried to put her in bed a couple times and she's very sweet about it and tells me, "Mommy I just can't stay still"
We had an early dinner, around 5PM. WHEN will this energy wear off? I'm exhausted just watching her play!! Her sister went to bed at 7 without a peep. She's the queen of the bedtime routine. She goes down with no fuss at all. I say, "bedtime girls!" and she's the 1st one up the stairs to the bathroom to wash her hands and face and brush her teeth. She runs to her room, climbs in her bed and is down. 99.8%of the time.
It looks like I'll have relatively no free time to myself this evening. I hate that because then I don't get much done and feel that my time wasn't used wisely.
I am going to attempt to put her to bed again now that it's 9PM and see what happens. Wish me luck!!!
~8:59 PM


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

ohh good luck gabi! There is always benedryl.

Loreluca said...

Wondering whatever happened. We have that same problem with ALL three of our children. Believe me, they are all in bed by 7, 8 and 9 (because the age difference), but no mattter what, all three are always up until much, much later. Then they wake up absolutely fine! It throws me off every time... Let me know if you find an answer to this dilema!

Tracie said...

Oh those kind of nights are no fun that's for sure! At least she doesn't do that on a consistent basis! My boys went through a spell of getting up (well the youngest one mostly) after he was put to bed. Now, I have to say they are much better but I'm sure it'll change again.

So how did it turn out???

Petra said...

Good luck, Gabi! I know just what you mean! We have a 7 year old that gives us troubles every night. And she can not stand a good night of sleep... I have extra problems with her because my night is ruined very frequently with this; I am in a bad mood, tend to eat more, cannot watch a movie or scrap and I SO need the ME-time.
I keep my fingers crossed for you. Otherwise you are going to get advise and since I still suck at this, you and I do not want that to happen, do we? ;-)