Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Whole Lotta Scrappin' Goin' On!

Sometimes I get terrible scrappers block which, unfortunately, generally lasts for weeks or even months. I am fortunate, of late, to be IN THE ZONE! I am on 3 design teams, 2 of which are store based and one that's a 'just for fun' site. I am pumpin' out the layouts for these teams and having a blast doing so!
I am making a very cool little chipboard book that I can't show you just yet, because it's for my mom and, well, she frequents my blog ( HI MOM!)
Ok.. so here's today's creation. This was a challenge issued on The Untamed Scrapper forum for a sort of book of me project we're working on.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Gabi. You rock. So good to see you scrapping again.

I've been at it all weekend! Can you believe it????

Pauline said...

that is an awesome layout!

Loreluca said...

Awsome, Gabz!!! love journaling myself! So glad you have been able to find your "edge"!!!

Samhains The Wonderful :) HEHEHE! said...

Left handed oh no the sinister hand!!
just kidding thats old wifes tails, or is it?:).. LOL

Good job.. YA! The gates of spring have sprang open :) or is it sprung? :) lol

OH I was going to ask you, WHY, You looka lika man...NO just kidding..(mad T.V)

I was going to ask -You look like a PICT, did I ask you this already do you have PICT in you?

MsGrace said...

So glad you are back in the zone!!
I have been loving the work you have shared with me!!

This LO rocks I love your take on the challenge.