Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

Lissa nominated me for "Rockin' Girl Blogger" status! WOOO! Thanks Lis!!
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Ok so here's how it goes. I tag FIVE bloggers I feel are 'ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER' material and then they tag 5 and so forth and so on!

I choose:
Laura - She's the one who keeps me going day to day! My creative soundboard and biggest cheerleader! Her blog is just kickin' with fun stuff!
Tracie - Definitely a ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER! Her fire and determination are SO inspiring to me. She is a talented writer and has me going back for more, every day! GO ROCKIN' GIRL!!!
Debbie - Her wit and art inspires me to strive to bring my creativity to the next level. She writes with a style that just has me going back for more! She's totally a ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER!!
Nik - A very talented Aussie scrapper and one of my dearest friends! Her work both inspires me and brightens my day! YOU ARE A ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER!
Scrapdragons - A fabulous NEW challenge blog that has taken off like a wildfire and is definitely ROCKIN'! GO GIRLIES GO!!


MsGrace said...

Oh how cool!! Thanks for the ROCK!!


Loreluca said...

I second the motion for ScrapDragons and Tracieta!! And thanks for the others, I'll have to check out their websites...
PS.- And thanks for ScrapDragons, I'm loving your website!!!

Tracie said...

Awwwwweeee THANK YOU Gabs!!! I was nominated twice in the same day! You and Pauline...I guess I am truly *speical* afterall....:D

You are always awe-inspiring to me too my friend!!!

DEW said...

Awesome! Thank you soooo much! But I don't think I rate with all of these other ladies! You are still the most Rockin' girl I know! Keep it up!!