Thursday, March 30, 2006

Writer's Block

I have a couple of blogs. One is where I just jot down stuff that I am eventually going to journal. It's basically just scrap ideas, journal prompts, quotes or stuff of that nature. I have another where I vent frustrations only meant for my own eyes! hahah!! I have been blogging since 2002. I started this one as a sort of exercise to write every day, keep in touch with family and friends and just to ramble on and on about senseless matters. I have writer's block.
It's already March 30, 2006. Where the heck have the first three months of 2006 gone? March flew by so quickly that I cannot even remember most of it. It's not that we've done SO MUCH that I can't put it all together. I think it's that we're looking ahead to SO MUCH that we aren't living in the moment we're living in fast-forward. Knowing where we're going and WHEN we're going will be a huge relief. I love the excitement of not knowing, but only to an extent. I would like to have a goal to be reaching for. When do I need to have the house packed up by? When are we listing the house on the market? What state are we actually moving TO? When can we go looking for real estate? What towns are we going to be looking for houses IN? Etc.. etc.. etc..
I guess with a lot cluttering my mind, I leave little space for creative banter.

On the way home from work yesterday, my hubby waffled a deer. He said it darted out in front of him ( broad daylight ) and it was a complete blurr. All he felt was an impact and a huge bump. Thankfully it died instantly and didn't lay there suffering and no other vehicle or persons were involved. Harel is FINE !!!There is minimal damage to the car ( it tore off the cover of the cooling fan in the engine and ripped the bottom of the bumper). This area has a highly dense population of deer, skunks, foxes, opossums and raccoons. We have a few bears around here too, a few of our neighbours have had them in their yard. We have 2 dogs and the bears don't generally bother around here. Our garbage cans are securely latched and there's nothing to attract the bears (such as swimming pools to drink from ). One of the Mom's Club moms has photos of a bear standing next to a tree in her back yard where they made a peanut-butter & suet feeder for the birds last Fall. THAT is a huge attraction! Bears LOVE PEANUTBUTTER! Needless to say, she won't be doing that again!
Ok So that was my little ramble for the day. Hubby is home from his day and I am off to chat with him.


Tracie said...


You sure didn't appear to have any writer's block!! You are sure right about living in the fast-forward!!! I can hardly believe that the first 3 months of the year are just about over as well. I remember as a child, time seem to stand still.....oooh those days.....

I'm sorry to hear about the deer, I had a similar thing happen to ME 2 weeks ago, only it was night and there were 3 - oh and well I didn't hit them....OK so my experience was very different! It still scared the you know what outta me!!! Glad Harel is OK!

Petra Raven said...

I know the 'vacuum' feeling; when you realise things the storm can come in any moment. I think that when I am going to move I will ask you for advise!
Can not think of such animals around my house! We have harons here and other local animals but I think I would love to trade!
Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Gabi, writers block? Where? You are so cute sometimes! lol I'm with you, 2006 is flying by entirely too fast for me, but, the good thing is, summer is coming. Read my blog later for my summer habits, ideas, etc.

Glad Harel and car are fine. Well, for the most part the car is fine. Poor deer, however, it must have been his time.

Have a great weekend Babe!


Vee said...

I am glad to hear dh is fine. My mom hit a deer and few weeks ago and it totalled her car. They are everywhere. I agree it doesn't seem like you have writer's block. LOL
2006 is flying by. I cannot believe it is April already!

The One True Tami said...

Hey! My dad just hit a deer, too! It's taking *forever* to get his car fixed. I'm almost used to seeing the rental in our driveway at this point.

Brenda said...

Well, I've started reading your blogs Gabi. I've got a lot to read and get caught up. I do believe that you might have got me started on something new.

I had a deer jump out from nowhere in the middle of the day and took the front end out of my car last year. And I hated that it happened and I started bawling like a baby. Luckily, it killed it on impact. And luckily for me it didn't come through the windshield.

Well, I should quite rambling so I can get back to reading.