Saturday, March 18, 2006

March 18, 2006

While driving to my inlaws this afternoon, we saw our 1st groundhog of 2006. Seeing him gave me the assurance that Spring really IS coming and that this cold weather is just about over.
We had a fabulous day in Cherry Hill at Echelon Mall. Boscov's was having a sale and on top of that a 25% off coupon and yet another 25% off with my mother in law applying for and getting a Boscov's Credit Card! Outfits that were 40 bucks came down to 11.00 VERY NICE DISCOUNT! HAHAH!! (omg why am I even BLOGGING THIS?!)
I was on an uploading spree in My Gallery. I have more to scan in and upload but I'm feeling a bit lazy!

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