Friday, March 24, 2006

Roller Coaster Ride

Moving is such a roller coaster ride. It's exciting, scary, frustrating, rewarding and oh, SO many other emotions, all at once! I keep trying to stay centered through out this ordeal but it's not easy! I am enjoying the process of cleaning out closets, drawers, & cabinets and really "SPRING" cleaning. I don't really like the 'not knowing' factor though. NOT knowing where we're moving to is weird. It's exciting on one hand, yet very disturbing on the other. Ya know, I don't even mind not knowing WHAT town I'll be moving to but it sure would be nice to have an idea about which STATE we'll be moving TO. I am a total supporter of my hubby and wherever he goes, of course we'll follow in complete support! ( well... unless New England is involved then my cheering won't be for support! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I don't want to move NORTH. I have had enough of the North and I am ready for some change. I wouldn't mind staying in this region, but I am all for something new. I know we like PA, VA and I think we'd love it in SC too. Afterall, my BEST FRIEND & my brother-in-law and sister-in-law live there with MY NIECE! How could that be bad?!
Spent the morning at the Pediatrician's office. Both my girls were feeling icky so I took them in at 8AM for a walk-in visit. My little one has a cold in her EYES, a head cold ( Umm never heard of a cold in the eyes before!!!) and an ear infection. My 4 year old has a sore throat (nope.. not strep!) and a stuffy nose. She's pretty much feeling fine. I feel like they are always SICK. That's one thing I hate about nursery school.......... it's a germ factory!!
I have some swaps to get busy with and I hope to organize my scrap room a little bit today too. My kitchen is a disaster zone with all my scrapbooking stuff all over the table and counters so I can pack that which I wont be using right now and organize that which I will. It looks like a total war-zone!
Back to the grind I go!!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Gaby, Come to Portland!!!!
I love the pink on your blog and I will have to pick your brain about how you got all your links and such on you blog.
So glad to find you!!!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine, or I am trying to, how this must be for you! I hope things fall in place for all of you and that a new house is waiting to be your home. Keeping my fingers still crossed (come on, how long; they are cramped by now!)


Vee said...

Oh Gabi
I hope you find out where you are going soon.
i know it feel good to get hings organized.
hang in there!

Tracie said...

My friend....

You have such a great outlook on life! I'm sure even if you went north, you'd find something positive in it!!!

I do hope you find somewhere soon, and well if you hold out long enough, maybe you'll be heading out my way!!! :-) (stranger things have happened)!!

Hugs to you and hope the girls are doing better!!!!