Monday, March 20, 2006

1st Day of Spring 2006

It's the 1st day of Spring. It's 30 degrees. Now tell me, does this MAKE SENSE? *sigh* I was hoping for instantaneous WARMTH, BLOSSOMS and LEAVES on the trees. Is that too much to ask? Instead I awoke to gusty winds, 30 degrees and naked trees. Though our Winter wasn't particularly cold, it does seem as if it's been dragging on and on and on long enough.
I'm still packing. I think I'll be packing for atleast another month. I can't get all that I want done each day because it's just impossible with the girls running in here, taking stuff out of the packed boxes and running off. Harel and I have gotten about 18 good-sized boxes packed so far and we do a little every day. I have completely cleaned out M'Kayla's closet, packed up the 'un-necessary' stuff that was in there and it's now a nice place for she and her sister to play. (or so they think!!)
I need to get the rest of M'Kayla's room completely finished ( have to get the double bed and frame out of there and to the curb. It's old enough and needs to GO!) Once that's done, I can pack the toys they don't play with often and get them out of the way. I hope to accomplish this today (yeah..right !!!) Then I can get to Ellie's room. Her's isn't as big of a deal. She hasn't got much in there anyway.

Yesterday we drove around Allentown, PA and looked at houses. It was a bit disappointing because we're really used to our 1 acre and having anything smaller than 3/4 of an acre is not really an option. We can't stand the thought of living on-top of another house. We're very happy with this size of this piece of property. We will continue to keep looking until we find something that compares to here. It's very hard since housing prices, in this part of the country, are RIDICULOUS! I am the personality type that moves easily and adapts to change very well. My hubby is a little different. He is great with moving but he doesn't do 'drastic changes' very well. He's having a harder time with the thought of moving far away from this area and is seeking employment near by. It's not really looking like there's anything comparable to his salary range around this area. Can I just say that I'm READY to move?!


Anonymous said...

You watch out for us... we are ON to you...
signed: Godzilla and company

Going For Greatness said...

HAHAHAH!! YOU crack ME UP!!!!!!!!!!
Sure do love you! HAAHHAHAH!!!!!

Vee said...

hey Gabi...
feeling you on the spring thing. I was hoping for more warmth as well. It is snowing here today and so cold outside. Have a great one!

Petra said...

So you are not only moving in real live but also you decided not to be my neighbour anymore on the other site? Hope you keep sending that nice messages. Sorry the house hunt did not get you anywhere....yet. Hope it does before the egg hunt takes place!
Just a quick comment!
Hugs from Petra