Sunday, April 15, 2007

{Studio Friday}

SF topic for April 13th

Part IV of the new Studio Friday mini series looked at from an artist's perspective in a different angle and light: "The Seven Deadly Sins"

This week's topic for Friday April 13th: Sin #4: SLOTH!

How do you fail to utilize your gift and talents? How do you feel at those moments? Are you unwilling to act? Is it that you are afraid? What is really going on? How can a few simple steps change you? What do you need for that happen?


This is an interesting take on this one this week! I had never thought of the '7 deadly sins' from an artist's viewpoint before... it's a very neat perspective!!
I don't think that I fail to utilize my abilities though I do feel that I have let opportunity pass me by once or twice without jumping on the bandwagon. I am not competitive though I do love a challenge and a lot of my best work has been created under pressure.
I am not unwilling to act nor am I afraid. I love that my craft is one which is only a hobby and that I can do at my will. I wouldn't want to HAVE to do it for my livelihood or else it would become more of a chore and I know I would procrastinate and put it off. Scrapbooking is my favourite thing to do with MY time. It's my relaxation, my down-time and my time to just let go and create with wild abandon!
There's no sloth here!!


Monica Yvette said...

Thanks for your comment! I know what you mean about not wanting to make the thing you enjoy most your livelihood. I rally enjoy jewelry making, so I have a more laid back attitude about my little enterprise so that it won't turn into a chore.

Nancy Bea said...
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Nancy Bea said...

Nice post! I've noticed how most people are equating sloth with procrastination for this Studio Friday challenge. I think it is hard to find a truly slothful artist, really, since we artists feel compelled (by love or obsession) to do what we do.