Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Tuesday Venting Session

Pre-Schoolers. Little beasties, hell bent on pushing your every button.

"May I have gum?"
"No, Mackie. It's bedtime."
"No, Mackie, It's bedtime."
"Because it's 7:30 and it's bedtime, Mackie"
"But I want gum. I need gum, I NEED GUM!"
"Tomorrow you may have gum Mackie, go brush your teeth, it's bedtime."
"PLEASE, Mommy?"
"No Mackie. I am getting angry. Just go brush your teeth. The quicker you get to bed the faster morning comes. And tomorrow you may have a piece of gum."
"Mommy, what time is it?"
"It's almost 7:30; Bedtime."
"Isn't Midnight tomorrow, Mommy?"
"Yes. Please, Mackie stop talking and go brush your teeth."
"Well......if Midnight is tomorrow, can I have gum at midnight?"
"No, Mackie, you may not have gum at midnight."
"WHY? You said I can have gum tomorrow. Midnight is tomorrow. So I can have gum at Midnight."
Mackie, EVERYONE is in bed at midnight. Even the dogs are sleeping."
"But Mommy, you have an alarm clock. You can wake me up at midnight and I can have gum."
"We don't set our alarms to wake us up to have gum."
Mackie, please. Go brush your teeth."
"Well.. if you let me have gum, the gum would have already cleaned my teeth!"

**She has only had sugarless gum, which, on tv has claimed to 'clean teeth'. She remembers everything and finds loopholes where ever she can. The conversation took all of about a minute but while we were having it, it seemed to take HOURS. With every response I made, she came back at me with another..... she is a master at this. She knows what pushes my buttons. She LOVES to get me riled at bedtime!! It makes me CRAZY!!!!!
The conversation ended with her last comment. She cracks me up, infuriates me and makes me wanna pull all my hair out, all in the same second!


MsGrace said...

This is such a Mackie moment...I love it. You are such a fabulous mom & she is an absolutely fabulous kid.

Thanks for your incredible honesty about the beauty & frustrations of parenthood.

I love you more than you will ever know. You inspire me. You are an awesome light in my life!!!


Tracie said...

Oh Gabi! I have been so far behind in my blog readings and here you have a MILLION posted that I need to catch up on!!

BTW, It's well after midnight and I'm STILL UP (may I have some gum???) hehehehehe....

I have heard that girls are like that, my boys are to an extent but NO WHERE near like that - sometimes I can get them to accept my answers but then there are those times (as you know) where they push your buttons! The lastest for us is "BUT WHY?" I tell them they are not allowed to question me!!! LOLOL!!!

Michelle said...

Oh my Gosh..... this so sounds like my house sometimes.....

Thanks for sharin.... I know how frustrating this can be, but you made me smile this morning!

kerrip said...

Hi Gabi,
I am sure this was not amusing when it happened, but I love reading it. My 3-year-old niece is just at the "why" stage, which can go on for what seems like hours., though as you pointed out, it's probably much shorter.

Anonymous said...

Gabikins, OMG, I can just see this conversation in my head. I've had at least a hundred like this myself with my own two children.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

this little thang will make a great attorney someday!

Loreluca said...

You have me LAUGHING so hard! yup, that sounds like Nicole allright! you're in for quite a ride, as am I...
I hear your pain!