Thursday, April 05, 2007


April 5th and there's SUN! I haven't seen the sun, except for a few minutes the other day, since March. I love a rainy day as much as the next person but 4.5 days of it is a little excessive, don't you think? I have SO many errands to run today that I need to get my act together before the day flies by me at lightning speed. It always seems that way when I have the most 'stuff' to get done.
Even though it's sunny and bright outside, it's still quite chilly! Last week we were fortunate enough to have some days of warmth. We're blessed with very low/no humidity in early spring so even when we had a day last that it reached 82 degrees, it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

There's nothing better than playing outside without sweating! I love Spring. The days are warm, the nights a little longer and my girls are happy, pink-cheeked and all dirty!!


Loreluca said...

Such a NEAT-O picture!!!! I love when the kids have a chance to go out and be messy! I'm just hoping that with all that rain, your kids' heads didn't get all muddy!!!

Vee said...

such a cute pic girl!!
we have sun but it so darn cold today ;(

Samhains said...

Very cute :) all though I think you where holding the camera upside down or something :)..

Anonymous said...

Sun? Sun? What is that again?

MsGrace said...

I so love this photo!!
It totally captures the fun of the first days of Spring. I so want to scrap this!!