Monday, July 16, 2007

Have you ever been on a roll?

Have you ever been on a roll and then viciously interrupted by life calling you to do other things?
I was completely in the zone yesterday, cleaning and re-organizing my studio. I pulled furniture out, dusted, vacuumed, picked up brads, beads, eyelets and various other tiny embellishments. I unplugged everything, dusted it all off, coiled up the cords and made them neat. I rearranged the desk, side table, bench, computer desk and got it all put back up, nice and neat. I was totally happy with my day's accomplishments. I went to bed, happy, slept like a babe and woke this morning with reclkess abandon, wanting to get back to putting everything AWAY that I had scattered everywhere ELSE during yesterday's cleaning frenzy.
Then I remembered. I remembered that I have to take the dogs to the babysitter. I have to get cat food, and pack small suitcases for an overnight to my inlaws. We'll have a great visit with them but my mind will be on my unfinished studio and the STUFF that's EVERYWHERE except where it's supposed to be.
That was it. My cleaning mojo was abruptly halted. It won't be until WEDNESDAY that I will be able to 'pick up where I left off'. Who knows.................. by then my cleaning mojo may move on. So here I sit, blinking, blankly staring at the computer screen, wanting to jump up, grab some stuff and start rebuilding my studio, knowing I have to go up and get packed and ready to zip outta here as soon as my husband gets home. Any minute now, I'll get up. I'm procrastinating, sorting a container of brads and wishing I could just sit here and perfect my studio.


Tracie said...

Oh man that stinks! Right off the top of my head I can't think of any particular instance where this has happened, but I'm very sure it has. Heck at this point I'd just like to get that 'cleaning' mojo for my scraproom - I do get it don't get me wrong, but because I need to drag things, heavy things, out of it I can never completely clean it the way I want and the way it needs to be!!

Side note: So when are you going to pack up the bags and head out west and come visit?!?!?! :D

Anonymous said...

I do that all the time Gabikins. I start a project just to be waylayed by another project that is bigger or more important. I think it's because we're women that this happens! I'm convinced of it.

KSmith said...

OH atleast you've started the cleaning, I seem to start cleaning but never get anywhere with it. Have a good visit with inlaws

JerZGirl - "lady elisabeth" said...

Oh dear - I'm right there with you - just returned from a week away at a convention - have suitcases and product ALL over the house and guess what - I'm already late for work. Well, with a baby shower HERE on Sat - I will have to return to the task one of these nights.
Miss you darlin - we'll chat sometime soon! luv ya

MsGrace said...

oh I so know that feeling. I was like that last week.