Friday, July 27, 2007


I don't have any siblings so I cannot really relate to what my 2 girl's go through, with each other, on a daily basis.
Morning either comes in smooth or it comes in all chaotic. This morning started like WWIII. Mackie was up 1st and enjoying her morning dose of Sesame Street. Ellie sleeps about an hour later than Mackie does and that's actually nice because Mackie doesn't always wake up on the right side of the bed, know what I mean?! Her morning time is crucial.
Well, Ellie was up a little early today......Garbage truck........ damn.
So down she comes, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD on the steps. When she's woken prematurely, she's an evil deity.
She graced the room with her scowl, fixed her attentions on her SISTER and promptly went over to her and "WHAM" fwatted her on the head with her teddy bear and went over and plopped on the couch.
Of course, that sends Mackie into a crying frenzy and Ellie refuses that she was the provoker!
I'm not personally familiar with sibling dynamics. I am learning as these 2 grow up together. Yeah, I've heard stuff from my mother ( one of 4 girls) and my cousins (2 girls and a boy) and a few other friends who have siblings, but seeing how horribly these 2 little ANGELS treat each other sometimes is really shocking! They will brawl like wrestlers and then the next moment be on the couch together snuggling.
In this house, ELLIE, my 3 year old, is the dominant of the 2. She's a BOSS, a DICTATOR, A NAPOLEON of sorts. It seems that Mackie winds up crying 90% of the time and Ellie walks off, head held high as if she's accomplished great things.
I KNOW that their bickering is normal sibling rivalry, but my 5 year old seems to, more often, behave like she's the 3 year old and Ellie's the OLDER sibling.
How did this tiny 3 year old rise to become the BOSS of her older sister? Can someone explain it to me because I'm a tad confused!!!!


Lissa Ballard said...


My sister and I occasionally got into some physical things but really very seldom... she was really small and I was terrified of hurting her (actually, from the time she came home from the hospital, I was sure she was my personal baby doll and treated her more like my child than my sister in many respects... )

Good luck with your little "sweethearts". I know they're precious, even though they do have their moments!


MsGrace said...

Oh Gabi the joys of siblings. My dynamic here is a bit different with mixed sexes, blended family stuff, & the closeness in ages but man I know what you mean. The good news is it doeas get better. At least it has here. I'll have to report back in a few though...since the teenage thing is coming up way too fast!!


Anonymous said...

Not sure on that one; my kids get along beautifully. Could be because I have a boy and a girl, or it could be the age difference is better. According to my pediatrician, an age difference of 3-4 years is best.

Pauline said...

I was the middle child so i was always left to fend for myelf!

Loreluca said...

My friend, it's the being girls, I tell ya! Sounds very much like my childhood. We are five sisters, and I'm the oldest, though me and my next sister are only 364 days apart (for one day, we are the same age). It was always the same. I was always terrified of her. Funny thing is, if somebody would do anything to me at school, she would go and defend me! We are close as can be now as adults, but sometimes we still have an argument or two!
Now, having boys in the mix changes the dynamic a little, but Cesar and Coco are always arguing about something. It never gets physical, though, or Cesar would really regret it!