Saturday, July 07, 2007

Studio Friday

Studio Friday topic for July 6th:

This week's topic for Friday July 6th suggested by Gabi : TAKING (DIGITAL) NOTE!

As I was browsing through a flea market recently, I came to discover how useful my cell phone's camera is. I didn't bring my camera because I'm not thrilled with carrying it around to places such as flea markets or crowd filled places for fear of it being stolen or lost.
On this most recent trip there was a cloth merchant. Ohhh the lovely fabrics she had!!! I didn't want to purchase them but I DID want to remember the patterns and textures so that I could do a scrapbooking layout. I snapped a pic with my camera phone and instantly had it sent to my computer.
Have you used your cell phone camera to capture images to use in your creations?

Thanks for using my prompt, Tine!!

I was recently in Hawaii for 10 days. It was glorious but it was VERY humid! With my digital camera, I couldn't capture the haze that just hung in the air. I don't have a terribly expensive digital camera with all the interchanging lenses.I COULD, however, capture it with my digital cell phone camera! This photo will be used in one of my scrapbooking layouts. I love the soft slightly blurred way the cell phone captured the humidity.

I have also found my cell phone camera particularly useful at flea markets and antique shops. The other day we were looking at something and it turned out to be a fantastic bargain at the price they had it marked as. I sent a text-photo from my cell phone to my friend who was able to look it up online for me. Technology is astounding.. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!!


Anonymous said...

I've tried to use my cell phone and then send it to my computer but it won't allow me too. Bummer huh?

Tracie said...

Very cool studio friday pondering! I have to get back doing SF again, it's been awhile!!

I have taken many pictures with my phone but have never sent them to my computer, not sure how to do that actually. I don't have a cable either to transfer them like I do with my digital camera.

In any event, your picture you captured of Hawaii is very cool and I can't wait to start seeing those layouts!!

MsGrace said...

so cool!!

I used mine just the other day too.
It is cool to have the phone in a pinch.


Loreluca said...

Boy, that is a nice camera you have in your cell phone! I used to use mine, but the quality wasn't all that great. Now I have a great phone, but haven't even thought of sending any of my pix to my computer... Now you made me curious! I MUST send them, and I'll tell you the results!