Saturday, August 12, 2006

An artist in Paradise

This week's Studio Friday topic is 'Desert Island'.

"So imagine this:
You are going to live on this absolutely amazing island
with stunning surroundings, a white beach, magnificent trees,
waterfalls, no poisonous insect on it (hahaha, so no spiders
or ugly thingies)'s a real paradise this island. Rich in
food and water as well, so no worries on that front either.

You are allowed to bring only three items from
your studio.
Now: what would they be and what would you do with them and what
do you imagine you might create????"

Wow... decisions decisions. This is a hard decision for a scrapbooker (well, for any artist, I'm sure!) I am assuming, since this IS a Paradise Island for artists, that batteries DO grow on trees? The 1st item I'll be bringing is my digital camera.

Why? Well, to document my stay there, of course! I plan to make my own paper out of palm leaves so I won't bring any with me. It's not too hard to make paper and if it's an island in paradise then it has plenty of trees and foliage. I can make adhesive out of tree sap or some other plant related goo.
The 2nd item I would bring would be my paper trimmer.

It could be a multi-functional tool so it's a useful one. I don't need my ribbon stash because on my ideal Paradise Island, there would be all sorts of fantastic ribbon plants! (ok folks, so I'm stretching it a bit but, if you're a scrapbooker then you know how terribly DIFFICULT this topic is!!)
I would use plant and flower extracts to create beautiful coloured inks so I'm leaving my ink pads home. And since I'm creating these beautiful inks, I won't need my pens because I'll simply fashion one out of a bird feather. I learned how to do this in grade school. Who knew such a skill would come to use!!
My 3rd item would be my sewing machine.

It has multi-uses and let's face it. I LOVE the stitching look on my scrapbooking layouts!
So there we have it, my 3 "must have" scrapbooking items. It's pretty funny because if I didn't sit down and think about this, I wouldn't have ever thought that I'd bring my sewing machine!


Anke said...

Wow, amazing post! Love that you use the natures supplies to create glue, color and paper. Never thought about that!

Ouissi Gresty said...

I love this...the way you have thought about natursl inks, glues & paper...wonderfully creative!!

Ouissi x

Hanna said...

Trees with ribbons, let's go right away!

Laura said...

you are tooo cute. a sewing machine? ribbon trees? i hope i am on the same island as you!!! and when we run out of scrapbooking ideas, we can whip up some cute little dresses on the sewing machine!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, so wouldn't bring a sewing machine. I'd rather run around naked and have boring pages! lol

naomi said...

So I guess now all we have to do is figure out where to get our power source for stitching our scrapbook layouts. I wonder if those trees with batteries in them also have electrical outlets in their trunks.


Tracie said...

Gabz you're a HOOT! Ok, so you and I will be on the same island... we can SHARE supplies, right??? :-D

Yea I realized my link was dead and I reposted right below that one, guess you missed that ;-)

Can't wait to get to our ISLE OF PARIDISE!!!

mereteveina said...

Why even think of a stay at a desert island where no batteries are to be found and there will be no electric power???

Today's artists are better off at home, aren't we :-)

Anke said...

Where did you learn german? Well, sounds like we have a great camp of artists and all share great tools and probably learn a lot of new techniques!

tempestdelfuego said...

Your island sounds very creative! Just think what you could sew out of palm leaves... an interesting wardrobe!

himavant said...

wow nice stuff you bring! yaa.. we can swap supplies! thanks for dropping by!

DEW said...

You never cease to amaze me! Making pens, etc. Is there anything that you can't do? I bet you already know how to do sunscreen image transfer techniques - you were just being polite and didn't go and burst my bubble. There is a big joke to this. I can't get image transfer techniques to work. My pal Kerri laughed a certain part of her anatomy off reading it. Love you post! The washing machine tale was very funny! Yes, I know painful. Especially because I had just fought 3 months to get my brandy new washing machine replaced under the lemon law. I think your experience was worse!! Take care!

Anke said...

Checked out your gallery and you have beautiful pages in there!

scarecrow said...

Well I hope your camera works better than mine. I would use mine to knock a coconut out of the tree.


Cheryl Wray said...

HARD, hard question!!! And you crack me up!!
I know I couldn't survive anywhere without my camera!! But, I guess I'd need my computer too so I could download all the gorgeous pictures of palm trees, ocean waves, . . .

Laura said...

Oooo, I'll definitely be your neighbor! That paper cutter will come in handy and the sewing machine idea is too creative. :)

Thanks for the comment!

dai said...

OMG making inks from flower and plant extracts! brilliant. and i love that you're bringing your sewing machine :). you're gonna have lots of friends of the island!!!

Salix Tree said...

My goodness! When I imagined what I would bring to this island, I was thinking needle and scissors. Or even better, a knife.. one could carve wood as well as cut things.
You went even further with the paper cutter and sewing machine! Tee hee.. I would assume there was electricity there, of course!
Very funny post, made me smile.