Friday, August 04, 2006

{Studio Friday}

This week's topic for Friday August 4th suggested by Anke: "YOUR CREATIVITY ROOTS!"

I have a pretty crafty family. I hadn't really taken the time to really sit down and think about that until today.
My mother is very creative. She's a talented writer and stained glass artist. She's got her own business and creates beautiful windows and intricate pieces.
My father was creative too, though he didn't tell anyone about it. He was a songwriter. He had several songs that he wanted to submit for publication but I think he procrastinated or feared rejection so they sat, unheard, under his bed.
I didn't inherit any fear of rejection. I'm an 'in your face' sort of personality. If ya don't like what I have to offer, I smile and go elsewhere. Rejection, to me, is a path to learning. I never have feared it. I guess I'm just weird?!
My paternal grandfather was a classical music composer. He composed hundreds and hundreds of pieces for pleasure and also for a local church. All of his music is safely preserved in his binders. I want, dearly, to have them someday! I hope that will happen!!
My paternal grandmother is a fiber-arts crafter. She knits and does needle point and crocheting.
My maternal granmother's craft was knitting and plastic canvas cross stitch and my maternal grandfather's craft is MUSIC and GOLF!
As far as inheriting creativity... I would imagine that we have inate abilities and that we do get traits from our ancestors.
A talent I have is music. If you hand me a musical instrument, I can play it. I have always been able to do this and it makes my cousin INSANE. MUHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't think I have a natural talent for paper arts (Scrapbooking). I think that's a learned experience. It doesn't always come easy for me and quite honest, I get frustrated more than not!
Maybe I get my writing bug from my mom? Not sure. All I know is that I've had it ever since I could write. I wrote my 1st story in 1st grade.


APlanet4Creation said...

Hey, I can I borrow some of your "no fear of rejection". Rejections real stops me from even trying sometimes. You have a great gift!

naomi said...

So, "I am jealous", of your picking up a musical instrument and just playing it.

I enjoyed reading this and I love your attitude on rejection.

firstborn said...

hi gabi!

yay...i love your attitude!!!! what a creative family you have there!

:) mary ann xo

Anke said...

Gabi, thanks for sharing this great post on your roots. I admire your fearlessnes, maybe I can keep you attitude in mind to help me selling some of my artwork.

Ouissi Gresty said...

Sounds like a wonderful family...I'm afraid I am more like your father than you...I'm constantly terrified of rejection & can see why he kept his precious scores under the bed!

Ouissi x

Anonymous said...

I fear rejection when I'm not sure, but when I'm sure, there is no stopping me.

Tracie said...

Excellent Gabi! I sure can relate to the rejection part of your dad! I happen to think your scrapbooking talents rock and I have always loved EVERYTHING you do (so maybe I just assume you snap your fingers and out comes a masterpiece...let me live in that bubble ok???!!!)