Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Design Team Meet-Up!

Yesterday the 'NJ chapter' of the Time To Scrap Design team got together for the afternoon.
There's nothing like the comradarie of Artistic Friends getting together.
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We all started off at the local scrapbooking store. Each of us had a full basket of 'goodies' at check out. Between the 4 of us, we most definitely paid the rent for the place for the next month or 2! HAHAH!! Scrapbookers are bad influences on eachother. And our wallets screamed in pain at the check out! Aside from all the SHOPPING we did, we also had a nice afternoon of hanging out at Laura's house and just chatting. I enjoyed the girl time. Being a stay home mom of 2 toddlers, my "adult" interaction is very limited. It was SO nice to get out of this house and go out and hang out with friends. My girls enjoyed being there with Laura's kids and the adults really did have a good, long time to chat and hang out.
We have plans set to meet up with the rest of the Design Team in October at Cheryl's family beach house! I can hardly wait!!


Cheryl Wray said...

How FUN!! Yep, nothing like shopping at your LSS and then having gal-time together!!
So cool that you're on a DT. I bet you love it!

Tracie said...

That is way cool Gabz! I'm so glad you got to have 'GIRL TIME'!! I'm hoping to have some of that with Paula on Monday (the holiday) but we'll see!!!!

Can't wait to see the creations you come up with!!!

Vee said...

how fun!!!
I love shopping :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

What a great photo! How fun to meet up with friends, especially shopping at a LSS!
When are you moving? Where? Did you find a house yet?
Did you receive the ribbon?

Samhains said...

Psssss...If you want to know how to fix that - so your menu does not jump to the bottom...go back to your edit page and edit the one that has the picture... When you look at it online (published) then you can see it is a little too big, when you in the edit page, (click edit) and then just move in the pic a bit, shrink it, place your mouse on the corner mini box, click and hold, Drag to smaller size and save....I noticed Tracies site has the same problem... when that happens its usally a picture thats too big, dont fix it the first time then you build up a collection of pictures that cause that affect on the menu...so even if you fixed one the others would still cause the problem...not sure if you knew that or not....BTY: post some 'formulas' or 'other' crafts for me :) I would like it if you could share a spell or two or something :)

How often do you cast?

Brenda said...

Hi Gabi! It is great to see another picture of you. So tell me who is who in the picture. You don't know how bad I wish I was there with you all. I want to so badly. Maybe one day I can get up there and join you all.

I am so glad that you all had a good time.

I read your comment on my blog and I'm glad that you will BUG ME about writing. I will need someone. Thanks Gabi!!


Loreluca said...

Congrats, Gaby! not everyone gets to meet their design team members, how nice that you did! And the one in October... CAN I GO???? not a team member, but, BOY, can I use some li'l VACATION?????

Ouissi Gresty said...

The day sounds great!!

Thanks for your lovely comment on the wedding...I miss Scotland...lived there for 9 years in Aberdeen & Edinburgh & most of my friends are still there so I go back as often as I can...nothing like a highland wedding though!

Ouissi x

Carrie said...

O my gosh...can you send the link to this to Traci...Holy moly...tell her Carrie said hint hint :) TOO FUN! beach house...so jealous

Petra said...

Hi Gabi,
Is it not great to hang out like that and charge your batteries? You must do a nice page about that with this picture...Glad you had a good time!