Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hot, Hazy & Humid

The heat wave here has been insane. This area just isn't used to temperatures over 100. The heat-index was as high as 112 the other day. It's unbearable.
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The hardest part is having 2 toddlers who, desperately, want nothing more than to go outside. We've attempted it on brief occasions only to be weighed down by the hot heavy humidity. It's sad, the girls usually wind up crying because they are miserable so we wind up back inside where they get 'cabin fever' and act like circus monkeys.
When you walk out the door you are greeted by a slap in the face by a wall of heat and humidity. Think about a nice wool rug. Wet that wool rug in a pot of boiling water. Now immediately hang it up in your doorway and walk into it. That's what it feels like when we attempt to walk out the door.
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I went grocery shopping yesterday at 9AM. It was already 95 degrees by that time. When I got home, I started bringing in the bags and noticed that there were NO BIRDS around. I didn't SEE any nor did I HEAR any! It was really creepy. What I did hear were 100,000,000s of BUGS humming, chirring and buzzing. It was simply too hot for the birds to even be out. Even in the dead of Winter we have birds so I knew it was extreme.
The air looks blurry. There is soooooo much humidity that the air just hangs like wet muslin. It's like breathing in water. Totally gross. I am out there a few times a day watering the plants. They are suffering too. It's just a yucky, hot, humid, sweaty summer. (did I mention that I am NOT a Summer person?!)
It's 92 degrees already and it's only 8:34AM.
I know that there are a lot of places with higher temperatures; Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, Death Valley etc.. but this isn't those places. This is the North East.
They say today will be 104 with heat index skyrocketing past 110. Lovely. Even my dogs, who are usually exuberant about going outside, are lounging around, refusing to go out unless I press the issue. I guess it'll be yet another day, all cooped up with 2 crazed circus monkeys, riding out the heat wave.
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Vee said...

this heat is terrible but I hope you will be able to get some peace today with being inside all day
I am looking forward to fall :)

paris parfait said...

Am so sorry you're suffering. We had that up until a week ago and it was miserable - especially without air-conditioning! Global warming. Sigh.

Cheryl Wray said...

Sheesh! This heat is unbearable, isn't it? Down South we deal with the lovely humidity too. Yuck! You step outside and your sunglasses immediately fog up and you sweat BIG time! Stay cool!!!!!

Tracie said...

Oooh the heat seems to be EVERYWHERE!!! We are suffering some awful heat indexes here in the midwest as well - been under heat advisories ever since we got back from vacation!!!

Love your description of what it feels like! How funny...and so TRUE!!

Fill up the bathtub and let the girls pretend to SWIM! My boys would do that in a heartbeat!!! LOLOL

DEW said...

You describe it all too well my dear! Cool new profile picture!! I'd love to see a video of Zippity doing laps in the kiddie pool!! Stay as cool as you can!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey Gabi--
Thanks for the comments about my los on my blog. I do have some of my layouts ups on My user name is cwray, in case you want to look at some of them. I LOVE scrapbooking!!!!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Gabi, come visit. It's a mild 75 right now and won't get any higher than 82 today. Humidity is low low low.
You do have air conditioning yes????

Jasmine said...

I feel your pain, you must have gotten it from us up here in Ontario. We have just had it for the last 4 days. it was a high of 36 with it feeling like 114 with the humidty. It has broke now for us in the lkast 24 hrs but not without lots of rain, thundershowers and tornado warnings. Hopefully a break is coming but without the tornado warnings. Stay cool and take care

Loreluca said...

My sister doesn't have AC, and she's seriously dehydrated here in the Good ol' Midwest... NASTY! Yup, that's what we are doing, all right! Especially with Connor, I just don't want to go out, I'm terrified that he'll dehydrate as well...

Stay cool, my friend!

Loreluca said...

Forgot to tell you... I LOVE YOUR PIC!!!!! You look too stinkin' CUTE!

Samhains said...

Did you try any weather spells or other heat spells at that time ?...or did you just let every one suffer (:?)

We had a real good Electrical storm the other week. Sent two real good cracks of lightning and thunder right above us as we sat on our front portch. Was probably the loudest two thunder claps I have ever heard.