Saturday, August 26, 2006

Best dog in the World!

I have bloggers block lately but decided to write SOMETHING just to get myself going again. My dog is being completely adorable today so I decided to write about her.

Zippity is really such an awesome dog! Her favourite place in the world to be is wherever I am. Her 2nd favourite place in the world is to be wherever my 2 little girls are. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
She is SO very good with them. They play so well together. I cannot imagine a more even-tempered, cool, 'hangin' out' dog than she!
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We've had a really busy summer and it's gone by so fast but I have taken hundreds (probably thousands) of photos of them and thus, the memories will all be preserved! I can't think of a more uplifting sight than children playing with a puppy!
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Loreluca said...

Sorry to contradict you, but MY DIGGER is the bestest dog in the world! (lol). Seriously, your dog looks so much like digger, only he has a very bad hairday everyday (he has long hair... too long if you ask me!) But he's a delight to have around the kids, he loves to play and be goofy, too!

Hanna said...

does the dog ever take her tounge in? hehe, she is very cute and looks patient too. cute photos.