Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Doin' the crazy dance!!

I am going crazy. I am never home, but I NEED to be here to pack this friggin' place. We've been at our rental property upgrading and dealing with workmen for the past month, having to be there while they work, letting them in, signing for appliances, new floor, new sinks new everything. The place looked like the frat house from 'Animal House' when we reclaimed it from the tennant. He was a slob. I dunno WHY my Dad put up with him. The guy put holes in the walls and doors, he WROTE on the doors, everything was FILTHY, the cabinets were destroyed, thankfully it's hardwood throughout ( except the kitchen) because atleast all we had to do there was refinish it. We were there ALL day yesterday as they installed the new linoleum kitchen floor ( looks like pretty, fancy tile) and today as they delivered and installed the dishwasher, stove, range hood and refridgerator. Of course not all on the same truck so we were there from 11:30AM - 5PM... a whole day of sitting and waiting while all I wanted was to be HOME PACKING. I have a lot left still to do. yeah I've been packing for 2 months now but ya just don't understand. We have an ENTIRE museum to pack. By hand, just us 2. Piece by piece to catalog, wrap, pack.. etc.... what a friggin' time consuming pain in my ass.
I JUST got home tonight at 7:45 pm after a loooooooooong day. My girls are so good though, they really behaved well and are doing well with this chaos.
It feels weird that I actually have 5 minutes to sit here and check my email and write an entry to this blog. I haven't been able to for a few days. I need to go on my blog stroll and see how my buddies are doing. It's my way of checking in when I can't always check email ( I have over 1000 in my inbox from the past 5 days! *UGH*)
Off I go on my blog stroll. I'll try to blog again tomorrow with something a tad more interesting.


Vee said...

hi girlie!
you are super uber busy
home stuff is a bore esp. when waiting on appliances to be delivered.
i hope you will be able to catch a breather soon.

kim in camas said...

oh Gabi, this will all be a distant memory soon. Wish I could be there to help you.

Petra said...

Hang in there, Gabi! Wish I was in the neighbourhood to help you pack or do anything...But you are a tough girl; I know you will make it work! Thinking about you!

Loreluca said...

Oh, boy, it really sounds like a horrible tenant! Wow, that REALLY created a lot of extra work I can understand that! Hope you finish soon! And it does help to have well behaved kids, that's for sure! Hugs, my friend!

Tracie said...

There is nothing fun in packing! Maybe relish in the fact that you're getting a break from it when you're at the rental property b/c if you were packing 8 hours a day everday, it might just drive you mad!!!! ;-)