Friday, June 16, 2006

{Studio Friday}

This week's topic for Friday June 16th suggested by Pamela: "A-HA MOMENT"

An "A-HA!" moment for me was when I realized that I had learned to print rub-ons (SUCCESSFULLY) on a transparency.

YOU can make YOUR own rub-ons too!
By Gabi Rosen (me!) of Time To Scrap

Rub-ons have become so popular! They are an easy way to give a scrapbooking page or handmade card a custom appearance. I love using them across layers of cardstock. You can't use your printer for multiple matted layers but you can get a good, crisp look with the rub-ons! The alphabets, words and phrases arethe most popular but they don't always have that perfect font, word or sayingthat fits your needs. I am going to show you how to make your own rub ons, andat the same time maybe save you a dollar or two by using supplies you mayalready have!

What you need:

8 1/2 X 11 transparency sheet (glossy page protectors work too) popsicle stick computer & printer

1. Create your word, phrase or image in a word processing program.

2. When you put the transparency or page protector into your printer, be sure that the ink will be printed on the shiny side (If you're using a glossy page protector, either side will work).

3 .Set the print properties on your printer so your document prints as a "mirror image" of itself. You may have to flip your image in your word processing program or photo editing to achieve this result.

4. Print out on "best" quality. This will ensure that a thicker amount of ink will be printed onto the shiny surface so that you can transfer it to your paper.

5. Let it dry. DO NOT TOUCH IT! Let the ink dry for at least 15 minutes. (I highly recommend waiting 20-30 minutes)

6. Once you are sure the ink is dry, lay your rub-on over the intended areawith the printed side facing the paper. Hold firmly onto the transparency and use the end of the popsicle stick to rub over the entire rub-on text. YourRub-on will be transferred to the paper! That's it! You're finished!


firstborn studio said...

i must give this a whirl,thanks for sharing!

Ellen said...

Wow! This is great, and something I'm definitely going to try!

Thanks for the tutorial!!!

Anonymous said...

Kewl. Gabz, why have you never shared this with me, your friend for like almost fivish years????? What is wrong with you. You're holding out on me!!!!!

Tracie said...

Honestly Gabi! Amazing that you figured this out! I'm a RUB-ON WHORE!! (Wonder what this will make me now!!!!!)


Joy Eliz said...

Wow! That's fantastic! Thanks!!

Stacia said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm learning a lot from everyone at Studio Friday. I'll have to try rub-on transfers while collaging. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY going to try this! Thanks for sharing your A-Ha moment!

Nancy said...

very cool process, I can't wait to give it a try. Does it matter if you have laser or ink jetprinter

Kara said...

I'm going to need to try this but first I better bookmark the link - though I'm not much of a scrapbooker I think this could come in handy. Thanks.

p.s. - i also love that show Deadliest Catch and enjoyed your post about it.

Loreluca said...

REALLY? WOW, Babs, that's really, really a shocker, after spending small fortunes on rubons... Me Likey!!!

firstborn said...

how wicked cool gabi! thank you for sharing!

:) mary ann

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Hi Gabi, missed you. I have found that the home made rub ons work better with the transparencies made for Laser printers. I'm still too lazy to do them all the time. :)

Monica and the team said...

hey gabi heard you moved hope life is good - thinking of you and miss you tons !