Friday, June 23, 2006

{Studio Friday} -

This week's topic for Friday June 23rd suggested by Ellen: FAMILY.
"....What family treasures might be found in others' studios?"
~ Ellen

Good Morning Studio Friday participants!!!!
What a great topic! Unfortunately I can't show you anything right now since it's all PACKED because we're moving!
I have a lot of sentimental things in my studio that my grandmother(paternal)gave to me. She gave me her collection of Laura Ingalls Wilder books, she has given me photographs of HER Great-Grandfather and lots of other things that to most, may hold no value, but to me are absolutely priceless.
I have a stained glass piece with 3 daffodils that my mother made for me (she is a stained glass artist) and that hangs proudly in my studio window throwing splashes of yellows and greens around when the sun hits it just right. It's lovely!
Also, decorating a spot on the walls in my studio, are 2 pieces of antique Bedouin jewelry that I got while shopping with my mother in law when we were on holiday in Israel in 1997. These arent heirlooms but they mean a lot to me since that was time shared with my inlaws.
I hope that a similar topic is brought up again after we're moved and unpacked and settled! I wish I could show you my lovely treasures instead of just talking about them!!
Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!


Ellen said...

Seems many of us have some very precious gifts from grandmothers! Great post, even without photo.

Hoping your move goes smoothly!

Loreluca said...

oh, man! i can only imagine all the things you describe... I really don't have much from my grandparents, but boy, I'd like to! It sounds like great things for you to keep close to you in your cropping space, how lucky you are!

Lisa said...

Yea for the move! I was wondering when you were going to arrive in PA. Hope the move is an easy one.

mereteveian said...

Will be great to see those things!
Thanks for visiting my journal, - merete

Jill said...

I just looked at your previous posts and read the one about the Bronze Tower... my 18-year old son is in the SCA here in CA. He's a fighter of "Roman" style, and squire to a knight. He loves it! He makes armour on the side - one day I'll have to post a photo of him in all his regalia. It's a really cool pasttime, I think, and I enjoy visiting the events whenever there's one close by.

Nancy said...

Good luck with your move and enjoy unpacking all your special gifts in your new home.

naomi said...

I would love to see them!

Tracie said...

Great post Gabz even w/out the pics (although I am sure I've seen that stained glass art!!)

All my photos old and new are simply priceless...I can't imagine any not being! :-)

firstborn said...

please post your precious gifts when you are all settled & moved in!

happy moving!

:) mary ann

Petra said...

I do not care much for that 'old stuff' although here in Europe we are surrounded by it. The only thing I have from my grandparents are cakeforks and -saucers. From the other side I was one out of 30-something so there is nothing to be treasured...
Good luck with moving. I will ask for tips and tricks when I will (ever).