Friday, June 30, 2006

{Studio Friday} Time

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This week's topic for Friday June 30th suggested by Jo: TIME/TIMING.

"When we are in our studios. I find that I can't be in there
everyday. Particularly when I have just finished something I feel drained
and need a good break. I also find that there are only certain
times of the day where the juices get flowing. I'd be interested to
read/see what others think."

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When I am in my studio it seems as if time stands still. I need to be in there every day and most days I do spend atleast some time in there. I find that my days feel incomplete if I have not spent atleast a few moments creating something or adding to a project or atleast organizing in the studio.
Jo stated that she feels drained after she finishes a project and needs a good break. For me, I feel refreshed and a sort of peace when I finish a project. I would think that feeling drained would mean that the project was particularly stressful. I try to keep my studio stress-free because that's my haven from all life's other chaos.
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I think we all have a 'creative time of day'. I know I do. I find that my creativity is at it's height between 9pm and 1am. I have always been a night owl and it's the time of day that my head and hands are really in cooperation with each other. Creating things at that time of the day for me is virtually effortless.
When is your creative time of day? How do you feel after completing a project? I'd love to know who else is a night owl and up creating when I am!
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mereteveian said...

I'm not a night owl!
I'm an early riser and can start as soon as I'm up at six, but also five and somtimes four if I cannot sleep after turning in at ten at night... The quiet house seem to inspire my creativity, the moring light and a new day. At one in the afternoon I'm out and there is little useful creative time left.
Spending time on organizing lifestuff and homestuff to get it done.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

nope not a night owl. I can stay up late when I go to a crop though. But otherwise, I am saw'n those logs about exciting.
My creative time is in the morning.

DEW said...

Fantasic clocks! Love, love, love 'em! And I'll be happy to join you on certain nights! Sometimes the only time I can steal for myself is at night. And if I'm on a roll I've been known to get to bed at 3am. I get so excited that even though I'm exhausted, if I go to bed I'll just lay awake thinking about the project. Of course I regret it when the alarm goes off at 5am and I have to drag my sorry tush into work! Unfortunately I've developed an eye problem that requires me to do some types of work in daylight but I have more problems stealing time during the day. You are very smart to keep your studio stress free! Love your blog and keep up the fabulous work!

naomi said...

I love spending time in my studio, usually all morning and up until dinner time as mentioned in my Time S.F. post.

My house is completly quiet which I love as well. I think I'm a little protective of my spot.

It's mine, all mine!

Cassandra Russell said...

Wonderful clocks! I too am a night hawk when it comes to creative endevours. I think the energy is better at night. When everything is quiet I can think best and hear my creative voices that are longing to be expressed.

Tracie said...

Those are very cool clocks Gabi...are they ones you created?? I am definitely a night owl! Who? Who? Me! Me!

I have never attributed the time of day to my creativity though! I will scrap any moment I can steal away!!! And I love going to weekend crops where I stay up late and get loads done that day.

irisz said...

Nice clocks!!

firstborn said...

cool clocks gabi!

while i am an early riser & find that i create as soon as i am awake...but since i work 3 days & have to wake up wicked early, by the time i get home, eat dinner, it's already nighty-night time...but i find myself, despite my exhaustion levels, creating into the wee hours of the morning...when i'm so focused, in my zone, like that, i so lose track of time...

wendy said...

I am so not a morning person. Ollie the night owl thats me!!

kerrip said...

Hi Gabrielle!
Wonderful clocks. The first is my favorite.
Good luck with the timing of your move! We were buying our first home, so we were lucky that we didn't have to sell first and coordinate that as well.
I used to be a night owl before I got a dog who is an early bird. He's up at the first light of day, begging sweetly to be walked, so my nights end early now.

Anke said...

Great clocks! Love the first one! I wished I could be creative every day right now, but building a house by your own doesn't allow it, well I guess I could reduce my internet time, but that's important for me too, so I guess I have to make a decision....

Anonymous said...

jill most creative and favorite time in my studio is early a.m. around 4:30 with my morning coffee.

Ellen said...

Fantastic clocks....awesome work! I have to say that most all of us seem to share an unawareness of time when we are in our studios, creating! Oh, how I wish I were still a night owl...that's such a great time to be in the studio!