Friday, July 07, 2006

{Studio Friday} - Playtime 7 Layer Salad

"... using 7 layers to produce a piece of art..."
Today's topic was suggested by Linda

When I saw today's topic I had to think a little bit. It's been a long time since I've layered in more than one or 2 layers. I went into my scrapbooking studio and sat with my old scrapbooks and perused through them. Not only did it really bring a huge smile to my face, seeing the photos of my girls when they were teeny-tiny babies, but I also found some layered projects to share for today's topic!

This is 1/2 of a scrapbook page I did 4 years ago! (that's how LONG it's been since I've layered more than 2 layers of anything!!) See the squares on the right side of this photo? They are called Serendipity squares. It's a technique which uses many layers of torn or cut pieces of cardstock, vellum or patterned paper. Here's how you make them:

What you'll need:
1. Random pieces of cardstock, vellum, specialty and/or patterned paper
2. Adhsive (I run pieces through the xyron before I tear them, it makes them easy to stick without fumbling with small pieces and glue.)
3. Optional - Rubber stamps, heat gun and embossing powder
4. Paper trimmer
What you'll do:

1. Take a base sheet of cardstock. Choose the papers you're going to want to use for the squares. Think collage.

2. Run strips through the xyron.

3. Tear pieces in random fashion. You can tear as small or large as you want.

4. In layers, start sticking down the torn papers on your larger base piece of cardstock. You can do this in as many layers as you want. Be sure to overlap some and leave bits of each layer showing so you can see pieces of each paper you chose.

* What I do is tear a sheet, stick it down, then go to the next one, run it thru the xyron, tear it and stick it down. This way you get a nice textured layer. There are no scrapbooking police so do whatever you want!!

5. Once you have your base sheet covered to your desired layering, if desired, you can now rubber stamp your image and then heatgun emboss it. Then you'll cut it with the paper trimmer. Cut into desired sized squares. What makes these really POP out to the eye is matting them. I like to double mat them with complimenting coloured cardstock. Have fun making them!!
July 6th 2006


kerrip said...

Hi Gabi - what a cute scrapbook - and I love your layered pieces --
I almost posted a "serendipity collage" too. I found the technique online a couple of years ago and I adapted it to a collage card class at the rubber stamp store where I teach. Unfortunately, I don't have my digital camera hooked up at home (where I am today) so I had to post pictures of something I already had photographed, but that style of collage was the first thing I thought of for today's challenge. thanks for sharing!

Hanna said...

Thanks for the tutorial, and now you need to go make a NEW layered page - layers are fun, right!?

Ouissi Gresty said...

The colours in this are lovely...such a cute baby!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my the wings were made as an experiment I wasn't trying to make them perfect...probably why they went so well!!

Ouissi x

niki said...

Awww, sweet sweet baby :) nice idea with the swirly, stained glass looking squares and pohto corners. cool!

Anke said...

From the colors I guess it's your son. Is he helping you making art? Great scrapbook page!

Going For Greatness said...

Anke, actually it's my daughter LOL! She got a cute green jumper when she was born and I couldn't resist making this green/blue layout of her at 1 month old. She's now 4 and 1/2 years old! :) She's very artistic and loves scrapbooking! :)
have a great weekend!

JanTGrits said...

Just a hello Gabi, my life has been a wreck this past week but had to check in and say I think about ya lots and hope we can catch up next month. I'll be cyberless for three weeks!

DEW said...

Just wonderful Gabi! So this is the little angel before she started talking back to you eh? I love this collage and thank you for giving all the directions! I love the blending of the colors! GREAT JOB!!

Vee said...

that is so cool Gabi!
i will be able to do SF tomorrow hopefully!