Saturday, September 09, 2006

{Bloggin' Brats}

This week's Scrapbrats prompt is "I wish I knew then what I know now......"

I read the prompt last night and decided to sleep on it. (Aside from the fact that my 2 year old was up till MIDNIGHT bouncing off the walls for no known reason!)
Ok, onto the topic...

I thought long and hard and honestly, there's nothing that I would have done or would have wanted to do differently or change if I had today's knowledge 'back then'.
We all move along our timelines accumulating bits and pieces of wisdom and knowledge at a certain pace. If we are wise beyond our years (considerably that is)then the manner in which we move along our timeline would be greatly affected, thus not allowing us to learn certain necessities along the way.
For example, I wonder how many of you will take this prompt and write about ill-fated love. The heartbreaks and love lessons we have suffered are parts of life's lessons. Perhaps if we knew the outcome of a relationship BEFORE we experienced it, maybe it would have kept us from entering that relationship and learning something crucial. Yeah, we get our feelings hurt, heart broken and all that NORMAL stuff, but there are other aspects to the relationship that may have been one of life's great lessons.
I am fortunate to not have anything really 'icky' that bothers me about my past. I enjoy the learning process and think of my life as one huge science experiment. I enjoy going along at my own pace, picking up bits and pieces of knowledge and experience along the way.
I wouldn't change a thing.


Loreluca said...

Such wise, wise words, Gabo girl!!! You certainly are a wise young woman, and I feel very happy to have you in my life... Realistic, well balanced blog, my friend, I love it!!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I wish I would have known to by stock in Microsoft and Starbucks.
Nice read today.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting perspective Gabikins! But then, I always LOVE your perspective on things. Very nice girl! Can't wait until we do the second one.

Samhains said...
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Samhains said...

Good Thought :)
I agree with you whole heartedly; Some times the more your know, the less you understand.

I have alot of things in my past that one could say diserves a 'do over' but I would say NAH! :) Only because I like who I'm, I wouldn't change anything, because if I did, I might change me.

In the words of the Zen Master;
"The Work IS the mantra"

Cheryl Wray said...

I'm with you on that one! There are some things it would have been nice to know when I was younger, but I really wouldn't want to change anything. Even the bad stuff created good stuff in the end. My first marriage brought me my wonderful oldest daughter; if I'd known our love and marriage wouldn't last, I might not have tried it in the first place. And I wouldn't have McKenna! So, I agree with you . .

Tracie said...

It sure is hard to say anyone would really change something they did or said in their past b/c it certainly would alter who we are today, I believe that 100% myself.

Check mine out:
If I knew then, what I know now