Saturday, September 30, 2006

{Studio Friday}

Studio Friday Week of September 30, 2006
This week's topic was submitted by ME!

" Studio Friday, for me, is a network of Artist from all over the world. It's a fabulous way to communicate with and learn from artists of all backgrounds. With this being said, I would love to see a showcase of what YOUR art is. Are you a scrapbooker? A clay artist? Are you a collage artist or a photographer? Do you paint or work in the fibre arts of Knitting, sewing or enbroidery? Are you a gardener a botanist or an eclectic artist of many trades? I'd love to see a piece that you have created that you are most proud of. SHOW off your STUFF!!"

As an artist, I can't really catagorize myself in one area. I love ALL forms of art and dabble in quite a few different areas. My favourite is scrapbooking. Why do I love scrapbooking so much? That's an easy question for me to answer. It's simply because I can incorporate words and photos on the same 'piece'. For me, scrapbooking is complete freedom to create a look I like that goes with my photos and my thoughts.
You can meet more artists here.


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I love seeing everyone's Studio Friday stuff. I should be brave enough to join it. But, right now my time is limited.
Great to see you posting at Untamed!

Jeanne said...

Your topic was great for this week's Studio Friday. Your submission is wonderful. I had so much fun putting mine together. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I added a link to your blog in my post now that I know the source of the topic is.

DEW said...

Hi Gabi! Thanks for another great topic. Love your page! I believe it is great to love to do lots of different types of art. I also know that you are a great writer! Remember too that you can turn any of your scrapbook pages into a single piece of art! I did this with a few of my journal pages for an art benefit. That is why I've been working on canvases. I've been really into books but it is difficult to sell them without a following. Kerri and I had a show last year and I showcased all my books. None sold although people loved them. The very same people who will drop $500 on wall art that took 4-6 hours to make will not spend 200-300 on a book that took 3 days. I still make books because I love to, but mostly as gifts for people who I know will love them for what they are. Special works of art made with love. And since I know that you don't read your email (LOL) email me your address sometime. I'd love to send you some ATCs or mail art! XOX D.

Val Webb said...

I thought your topic was an outstanding idea. (And your posted image is beautiful, too. Such a strong sense of design!) In answer to your question about the tile mural... I roll out slabs of stoneware clay or raku clay, depending on my firing plans. Then the imagery is carved into the clay surface with sharp tools. They air dry naturally, then are bisque fired to 1800f. Next comes glazing (many colors and layers of colors - fun!) and then the final firing. Tile sizes vary. This mural of Fern the Cat had 8" tiles cut in squares. Sometimes I cut out border tiles or the top will be curved, etc. This mural was purchased by Barbara Casey, a sculptor known for large-scale bronze work.

kerrip said...

Hi Gabi,
Great suggestion. Sometimes we need "permission" to toot our own horn, so thanks for giving us permission. Love this page - and I also love incorporating images with words. I am a day late posting, as I had technical difficulties yesterday. Love your new blog site/header... and your comments about writing.

Samhains said...

I disagree with the Idea of tooting ones own horn..

Tooting ones horn is a representation of pride.

Pride is befor stumbling.

Pride is not a good thing, but a selfish thing.

To be satifyed with ones self is one thing, but to Boast, or toot ones own horn is basicly shamless self promotion, and all though the catch frase sound catchy, it is nothing but self exsulting behavour, and again...pride is befor stumbling...Kerrip..

Anke said...

Oh Gabi, this page is beautiful! Fits so perfect to the foto! I love the mix of material and colors!
PS: Great topic, so I could see everybodys artwork! Thanks!

Going For Greatness said...

Ahh but those who thought it was a HORN TOOTING prompt did not read it entirely. What I stated was that I wanted to know which piece of art you created that you were most proud of. I wanted to see what everyone's strong points of art were.
Being proud of your artistic ability is not a bad thing. If you cannot take pride in your accomplishments, then why bother creating?
Pride and Boasting are 2 different things. I asked to see that of which you are most proud, I didnt call for a "My piece is better than your piece" fest.

Cheryl Wray said...

I love scrapbooking for the same reasons!!! I have always taken a ton of photos and I also am a writer and know the value in writing down things for future generations. It's just a perfect combo for me!!!
I actually got to do some scrappin this weekend and it just felt SO good!! (put a few of my LOs on my blog today!)
Great post girl!!

Tracie said...

Awesome topic Gabi! You truly are such an inspiration to so many! I so love that about YOU! I missed SF this week but maybe I will put something together and do it late!!

Your LO is wonderful and I look forward to seeing everyone else's stuff for this week's topic! WTG G/F!!!!


Samhains said...

Ya I guess people did not read if fully The actuall wuestion is lost in the discusion on pride//,

however it does not take away from the fact that Pride is bad. Most people do not realize it is, pride can make you too proud to see the forest for the trees so to speek.

Artists- We do not create things to show off talent or to take pride in the end result, but to share Ideas and convey emotion and invoke thought.

Pride is allways befor stumbling, it never fails. Pride and boasting are two different things you say, however Boasting is always the result of pride.

Being thankfull for having a gift like painting or drawing or colarge making, whatever, it is simply a gift one must be thankful for. A good gift, but to flaunt, boast or to be prideful about the gift and the acomplishments that gift bring are negitive results of pride. Being satifyed with end results is different than pride. Accepting acomplishment is again different that pride, And recognizing when the project, or the way has come to an end, again is not prideful, but simple awareness of the passage of time, so to speak.

"We must get rid of the self and act from th self."

Pride and being proud are the same thing, and pride is always befor stumbling. Some people are so proud they cut their nose off to spite there face, again a dirivitive of pride.

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey Gabi--
I was coming by to give you some scanner info, since you asked on my blog. LOL
My scanner is actually a pretty old one--a HP Scanjet 4470c. It's got to at least be 3-4 years old. I'm sure there are lots of other better ones out there now, but I like it. It's super easy!! (although i'm still trying to figure out how to stitch 12 x 12 layouts, since the scanner is not that wide!).

Pamela said...

Great topic you chose. I love seeing everyones entries.

Anke said...

Hope you have a smooth move and not to much stress. No time to joing Studio Friday this week. So I will check everyones out instead!

Ouissi Gresty said...

Good luck with the move...your blog is a great artist's board!

Ouissi x